Archangel Michael by the spirit of prophet Jesmion the priest of the most highest God

Archangel Michael by the spirit of prophet Jesmion the priest of the most highest God has been serving Buhari the president of Nigeria, and i did what he tells me to do; i told him what he would do for me but he Muhammadu Buhari refused to do what i told him to do; i told him to give “Biafra freedom silently” but he reacted and sat on his chair facing the people as i served the people according to how he directed me to serve the people for him.
I did what Buhari said as iam a general servant of God! And i discussed with Buhari silently in dream as no one hear what i told him except only on what he should do for me, and he reacted.
But iam not annoyed over his reaction; because, he will still think over what i told him to do for me to “give Biafra freedom” was what archangel Michael in the spirit of prophet Jesmion, the priest of the most highest God had told president Buhari to do.
Give Biafra freedom said archangel Michael to Buhari the current Nigeria president.
Iam doing what Buhari tells me to do in that dream, and i have told Buhari what i want him to do for me.
Iam waiting for Buhari, maybe he can change his mind to do what i told him to do for me in his regime, if he change his mind and give Biafra freedom, that’s mean he appreciate me and all iam doing for him, because, i do what he said, and he is owing the heaven to do what the heaven said, just to give ‘Biafra freedom’
this was the dream conversation between Buhari; angel michael; and priest Jesmion.
Jesmion the family of God.


God is judged accepted and unaccepted

There were sets of people who say they would not accept God; according to them that they have checked, and formally considered God because their fight with God was one on one.
But now they don’t accept God because the people killed are at God’s site (mean that God hath defeated them at war), although, it was their wives that drove the vehicle when all the destruction occured!

Jesmion said:
so, you allowed your wife to be insulting God and to use prophet Jesmion, the priest of the most highest God for caricature, and threaten him (iji Jesmion we gba abia) by the way who authorized your wife to be a driver and carrying all of you and thereby be destroyed?.. Your wife was never a call of God to lead prayer or control a church; you don’t know menace you have allowed your wives comitted, your wife was not a church leader; your wife was not chosen of God to control a church; you and your wife were just a molestation and a disgrace to yourselves; a church driving by woman is not constitutional.
I have heared what you said, blaming God for Coronavirus to you, but you are the cause! Because, you are doing what was not right, all you did was wrong; your wives were never chosen of God to drive a church, and you are the church she drives; where did she think she was carrying you to? Was your wife a driver that has no destination? She can’t carry you to me, because, i didn’t know her as a controller of a church, and who choose her?. And she has drive you and carry you to devil and you parished; perhaps you still survive the destruction of the devil, that’s why you are talking, that you won’t accept God; for instance, if you had perished along with your wife and others, will you be talking against God? He who survive war suppose to thank God; but you are not grateful that you didn’t perish along with others, or did you think yourself better than those that perished?… God didn’t choose you nor your wife to drive the church as vehicle.
You have judged God and you are wrong, because Saul said, you can judge angel, but Saul did not tell you to judge God; after you have drive the church against God, later your wife drive the church against God for many years, and still you find fault in God but you have to examine yourselves and ask yourself who authorise you to drive the church against God; later you said that your wife was affected at war with God, when she was driven the church against the will of God. Where was she driven the church to? Is it to God whom you have rejected?…
Jesmion, spoke to angel Gebriel on 14th April 2020 said, go and ask that evil churches said, Do they know who vibrate the sand on a stagnant? Do they know how many pillars that hold the Earth? What instrument did God used to create the Earth? Do they want the Earth to swallow all of then at a time?… The man representing church against God came to prophet Jesmion, the priest of the most highest God and said: “Are you not to make us safe and alive? … Ans: Archangel Gebriel replied the man said, Can God make you safe and alive when you are rebels and enemies of God; when you are rebels and being against God and Jesmion who would make you safe and alive?
Jesmion spoke, you are rebels; you felt you can defeat God and its family!
Archangel Gebriel expel him out of the presence of prophet Jesmion, the priest of the most highest God; because, they don’t want to be swallowed by the Earth, that was why they said to Jesmion: Are you not to make safe and alive!
Thy have pleaded that Earth should not swallow them as a whole, yet, they were expelled because they are rebels and wrong

14th April 2020



Coronavirus a big business deal of its time.
The entire populace screamed about Coronavirus.
Coronavirus had accelerated speed of Researchers; it stops business of the day; it stops formal education, excepting a bit of informal education; it stop Sunday missionary functionarity; it affect the Islamic mosque functionarity; the United Nations shed tears; the countries panics; everybody seems to be ghost of isolation.
There were possibility of wrong medical diagnosis; the World Health Organization (WHO) was aghast!
The Researchers were the hope of the world., but exception the America whose hope was in God; the leader/president of American continent, president DonaldJTrump led his continents to God for one day prayer for God’s mercy with confession as follow: “we the continent of America have been relying on God in times like this and God won the battle for us”; and the deed of president DonaldJTrump and his confession reached prophet Jesmion, the priest of the most highest God, and priest Jesmion addressed the matter of Coronavirus which president Donald Trump had ordered for one day prayer for God’s mercy; prophet Jesmion the priest of God, ask God to have mercy on them, because the people seems to have a good leader(president DonaldJTrump who knew he should call you God in time like this) and the dialogue was reached between God and prophet Jesmion the priest of the living God concerning the deeds of president DonaldJTrump in this difficulties of Coronavirus..
Prophet Jesmion the priest of the living God had appeal to God based on the application of president DonaldJTrump and his confession about God’s mercy for them ever since; he gave a day for all Americans and non America for prayers to God almighty, and by his deed prophet Jesmion the priest of the highest God dialogue with God almighty for mercy.
The business deal of the Researchers seems less, because, if not God’s mercy dialogued by prophet Jesmion the priest of the most highest God through president DonaldJTrump’s application and confession the World Health Organisation (WHO) wouldn’t have comeup with any better research result, to this date; and the United Nations wouldn’t have stop shedding tears.
Because the emergency call for life seems greater than the World Health Organization (WHO) can quickly meetup with, so, the big business deal of Corona virus seems different to Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) of president Obama regime; but president DonaldJTrump had tried and connected with God in the pandemic corona.
The business deal is that 80% of wealthy people had donated their billions of money for corona virus research and cure., but failed to appreciate God, but prophet Jesmion the priest of the most highest God had appreciated God through president DonaldJTrump’s application.

What are they going to do with the trillions of money they had donated for medical research and cure of corona?


Messiah Healing Sabbath Church – Passover festival

Prophet Jesmion said:
If you want to be like the Israelites, you got to keep with what God hath instructed them to do!

Passover festival for the year 2020, begin from approximately Nissan 15 = Wednesday 8th to 16th April 2020.
Make sure you don’t eat bread made of yeast within that period of seven to eight days;
If you want to be an Israelite, the people of God, you must follow them to do what God tells them to do.

Messiah Healing Sabbath Church



A team of enforcement officers against public gathering have shutdown a church and arrests its leads for holding sunday service despite warning against such activities around Abuja, the nation’s capital.

A team of enforcement officers against public gathering have shutdown a church and arrested its lead preacher for holding Sunday service despites warnings against such activities around Abuja, the nation’s capital.
U. U. Uden (full name unclear) was arrested while holding Sunday service at his Jesus Reign Family Church in Apo neighborhood of Abuja.
Officers took him into custody for endangering the health of his followers and other residents by disregarding social distancing measures against the spread of COVID-19, a deadly illness cause by coronavirus
Authority Incharge of the Capital announced last week that all social gatherings, especially at entertainment and workshop centres, have been suspended indefinitely in order to contain the virus, which has spread to at least 97 people across the country as of Sunday morning 29th Mar. 2020.
Nearly 700,000 people have been infected with 32, 000 deaths recorded worldwide since the virus broke out in China last November, prompting countries across the world to impose stringent restrictions on human movement and contact.
Authority say, mr Uden declined to cease Sunday sermon when officers arrived at his church, but they waited for him outside and arrested him as soon as he was through.
Mr Uden was later taken away by the team.
Abuja police commissioner, Bala Ciroma, said he had heard of the incident but could not immediately comment on it because he had been on a patrnl around the capital.
I have been on patrol around the FCT because we are thinking about the wellbeing of humanity since this crisis started, the police chief said.
A spokesperson for the federal capital administration could not be reached for comment Sunday afternoon.
Mr Uden’s defiance of official advisory and subsequent arrest came a day after a parish of Believers’ Love World (christ embassy) was shutdown in Abuja.
The church was holding a wedding programme that was attended by several people when enforcement team arrived, according to the video of the incident circulated on social media
Social distancing, a practice of keeping a physical distance of at least one metre from one another, has been highly recommended by renowned health experts and institutions as a practical way of minimising the spread of coronavirus.


Call for Nomination for Election to the Global NGO Executive Committee 2020

The Global NGO Executive Committee, an eighteen member elected body, represents your interests as Non-governmental organizations associated with the United Nations Department of Global Communications.
The Executive Committee, which acts in an advisory and liaison capacity meets at the UN Headquarters in New York each month, in July to June to discuss matters of interest and concern to NGOs associated with the DGC/civil society unit. It is now preparing to hold its annual elections.
NGO associated with DGC are invited to nominate candidates for election as members of the Executive Committee for a period of two years (July 2020 to July 2022) Candidates for the Officer positions of (Secretary, Treasurer) and (five (5)) positions of Directors are to be elected for that two years term.
Members of the Global NGO Executive Committee serve in their personal capacity without compensation.
Effort will be made to organize meetings through eletronic means should there be elected members who do not live in the New York area.
A candidate maybe nominated by his/her own NGO associated with DGC in good standing with DGC. A candidate with endorsement from his/her NGO, may also be nominated by a representative of another MGO associated with DGC. Eligibility requirements for nominees are: (a) Membership in an NGO association with DGC
(b) Member organization must be in good standing with DGC.
(c) Nominee must have or obtain an annual UN grounds pass to the United Nations. (d) In addition to attending monthly meetings, members of the Executive Committee are expected to serve on one or more Subcommittees of the Executive Committee (bylaws; conference; development; outreach & public, finance; global regional coordinators; membership; NGO reporter; website & social media; youth & international; and should regularly attend the DGC weekly briefings (e) Nominee, if elected., serves two years term with the possibility of being elected for a second two years term (f) Each member of the Executive Committee is responsible for an annual $200 contribution to the Executive Committee.
1. Name of the proposed candidate:
2. Name of DGC associated organization:
3. Name of organzation’s president and email address:

  1. Has the organization submitted its 2018 DGC Biennial Report?
  2. Position of the candidate within the organization:
  3. Address of candidate:
  4. Telephone number of candidate (pls add country code)
  5. Email address of candidate:
  6. If the candidate and the nominator are representatives of different NGOs, has the candidate received an endorsement from his/her NGO? YES OR NO?

Vacancy positiontions on Executive Committee Sought: (a) Secretary (b) Treasurer (c) Director (5 positions)

position descriptions:
The secretary shall: prepare and distribute notifications and minute of the proceedings of all regular meetings of the Executives committee, including the annual meeting, to all voting and non voting members of the Executive Committee and to non voting participants, at least five days prior to the next regular scheduled meeting of the Executive Committee; records and report absences of voting members to the president; keep records of the meetings of the Officers; Be responsible for files of the executive committee; arrange for electronic participation of members at meetings of the Executive Committee, when necessary; and discharge other duties as assigned by the president or by the executive committee.

The Treasurer shall: manage the financial operations of the Executive Committee; send out notifications of membership fees that are due from members of the Executive Committee; make recommendations when appropriate, on the fee for membership on the Executive Committee, for its approval; received all funds collected and deposit all funds in a bank acount established by the executive committee, which shall require his/her sign, or signature of either the president or the secretary, for withdrawals by check from the account; seek approval from either the president or the secretary for payment of expenditures in excess of two hundred dollar($200); in this connection, should either the president or secretary sign check for pay of expentures in excess of $200, prior approval would also be sought from of the other two officers; present expenditures of $1,000 or more to the Executive Committee for approval; keep itemize report of all receipts and expenditure in a permanent file; prepare and present written reports of receipts and expenditures at regularly scheduled meetings of the Executive committee, to be supported by relevant monthly bank statements which will be shared with the Finance and budget subcommittee; serve as an ex officio member of the Finance and Budget committee and, in consultation with its members and president of the Executive committee, prepare the annual budget of the Executive committee for its approval by 30 November, etc

Director: are voting members and support officers etc


They threatened prophet Jesmion’s life; ha ji prophet jesmion gba abia; su na mai da rai na prophet jesmion abum wasa!

Today 23rd March 2020,
i called on my wife for a good condition and welfare, she was very interested to know about my good condition in Uruagu Umudioka about (COVID-19), I told her that such has not yet been identified at Umudioka locality; perhaps, hospital can identify such quickly, because the sufferer of such may not like any to know except hospital; then she told me that the virus seems to be a punishment for sin, and that she has been seriously praying for God’s mercy!
I prophet Jesmion said to her, you might be praying but many are spoiling your prayers, except God destroyed such people that provokes God, without which your prayer for God’s mercy over coronavirus will not work; except the enemies of God are destroyed, those enemies who think that God is stupid for chosen prophet Jesmion; God is angry against them; except they are destroyed, God will not hear your prayers of mercy for them over Coronavirus!
(ha ji prophet Jesmion we gba abia, so that God and its angels ge ji ha we gba abia); they threaten prophet Jesmion’s life, and God and its angels are threatening their lives
(su mai da rai na prophet Jesmion abum wasa da abum daria,
sabada haka, Ubangiji da malaikan she ya na ci uban su da uwa su!)
Ubangiji has come by the spirit of prophet Jesmion and ate their Uban su da Uwan su, Ubangiji, babu she da da-wa; it came in the spirit of prophet Jesmion, 25/03/2020 with the malaikan sa, to accomplish the words of prophet Jesmion; no other prophet shall be sent to fulfil the words of prophet Jesmion, because his words are accomplished immediately by God the almighty and its angels!
Somebody has tried to challenge Ubangiji as it came by the spirit of prophet Jesmion, the somebody shouted on Ubangiji, say you have eaten Uban su da Uwa su too much! And Ubangiji gave that somebody a hot slap, but didn’t kill him, but Ubangiji in the spirit of prophet Jesmion made one it give hot slap to join eat Uba su, da Uwa su, as prophet Jesmion hath said.
Prophet Jesmion said (chineke na ndi mozi ya ga eji he gba abia n’ihi na ha jiri prophet Jesmion we gba abia) but the one whom Ubangiji slap, wanted Ubangiji to leave the work for the angels of Ubangiji to deal with them, well, Ubangiji leave the iji ha gba abia for the angels as pleaded by Mikel. But Ubangiji is not at wrong, because, prophet Jesmion said that (Ubangiji and its angels sai ci uba su da uwa su) so you can see that Ubangiji is involved in the “ci uba su da uwa su!” After Ubangiji has given Mikel a hot slap, then, it allow only the angels (su ci uba su da uwa su) hence they say the Ubangiji ya riga ci mai ye wa.
He Mikel after Ubangiji had gaven him a hot slap but didn’t want him to die, it allow him to join angels ci uba su da uwa su, just as prophet Jesmion said!
Uncountable angels of Elohim camedown against them that threatens the life of prophet Jesmion; the angels don’t want Ubangiji and Jesmion to join them in the fight, let God leave the fight for its angels to threaten them as they had threatened prophet Jesmion! And it was granted the angels to threaten the world as they had threatened prophet Jesmion!


Messiah Healing Sabbath Church

The evil that some do made them began to penetrate to the family of God through other source; but i Jesmion knew in several ways that the relationship were there, and that it is not good to make trouble with any. But they tends to stiring trouble with prophet Jesmion; although, God spoke through Jesmion to their hearing said: By the time they will touch the wife of Jesmion they must die, to show them that Jesmion is the prophet and priest of the living God!
Upon hearing God through i Jesmion, and my wife’s support of God’s word, telling them the word of God through i prophet Jesmion is truthful, they tend to ignore and challenge the wife of prophet Jesmion, and they grouped against God’s family and they failed.
Blessing testified that they had taken another route and sent another to fight the wife of the prophet as to say why did she talk/support prophet Jesmion?, they did it in another way to evade deaths; but sincerely, they fall between parlour entrance and christian room in Ibekwe compound. (enwe aka of Ogbunike whom they consulted against prophet Jesmion didn’t save them) although, it fought for them, but fall, prophet Jesmion fall it! But truly it have hands, but why do they call it (No hand, enwe-aka?) where as it have hands, in the fight in Ibekwe compound, i prophet Jesmion and Enwe-aka fought on bare hand, and Enweaka fall between Ibekwe parlour entrance and Christian room. The fight was terrible using bare hand, they are telling lies of Enwe-aka, because, it have hands, only that it too long!
No one can trick God, by taken another way against God instead of obeying prophet Jesmion. They failed because word of prophet Jesmion is the words of God., i mean that God speaks by Jesmion as if prophet Jesmion himself is God..
Example, going round by another source is still you (tobacco smokers) that stires quarrel against prophet Jesmion, and it seems you can’t rest unless you are dead, Jesmion , that’s mean you must die as God has spoken through i prophet Jesmion.

I prophet Jesmion had preach a person in Uruagu Umudioka said: ” you smoke too much cigarette, and smoking is dangerious; you have pass the age to all these evils you are doing, and you are no more a young guy to be doing all these things; upon hearing me , he stopped smoking for some times and after i have spoken to him; but maybe his follower had engineered him to keep on smoking and he had continue smoking along with his smoking supporters, iam not happy for the death of sinners but for their repentance, but you refuse to take my words and been against me instead, you took another way against me and failed like every others.
You would want to asked why does the talk concern Blessing and her mother? Ans? Because Blessing and her mother are a registered Nurse about World Health Organization (WHO) Laws of smoking, on how dangerous is cigarette smoking! So, Blessing and her mother fight cigarette smoking along with i prophet Jesmion; and together i prophet Jesmion and these two registered Nurse”Blessing and her mother conquered cigarette smoking because WHO say it’s dangerous to health!
Remember that tobacco smoking make ‘coronavirus COVID-19 to kill a smoker instantly’

How would you rate Prophet Jesmion in his preaching to smokers?
(1) excellent preaching?
(2) no! Jesmion preach smokers in the presence of his wife and smoker’s wife supported prophet Jesmion?
(3) no! Smokers didn’t react against prophet Jesmion but stop smoking?
(4) no! The smokers may have pick offence that i prophet Jesmion preach him to stop smoking in the presence of their women?
Jesmion said: if you are not a christian, which company or group do you belong? Example, iam a sabbath-church, which group do you belong? Better dialogue with your girl, she can be your group today/tomorrow!
Group can’t take you to heaven, christianity doesn’t mean God, but you can be justified by doing what God instructed. God can justify you by what you do, is not by group!
There is a man in Uruagu Umudioka, who was justified not by christian society he has been but because he hates abominations! Some persons may think because the man is (Nze na Ozo titled) that made him hate abomination; but if (Nze na Ozo) was justified because he hates lawlessness and abomintion, ‘why is christians and moslems wasting their times in lawless loves and abomination? .. That mean that Augustine Onyejegbu of Uruagu Umudioka has been justified and the angels working for him? Yes! We the angels work for him, he accepted i Jesmion and other angels as i have seen in spirit….
I have spiritually spoken to those who eat food of priest Jesmion to stop doing so, because Jesmion is (Onye Nchuaja nke Chineke) don’t interfere with anything offered to him or to God through him, don’t test it, keep it for Jesmion the Onye-Nchuaja Nke Chineke lest you die sinful death!
Jesmion, good Leader of God!


We are born to live and praise/thank God

We are born to live and thank God, what is all these troubles!
I pray that the Biafra activists would peacefully acquire freedom for Biafrans by peaceful resolution, just as it’s that after 25 years of end of war then Biafra is Independent nation (after 25 year of war)
i Jesmion believe the world knew about this facts; so Biafra don’t need to fight with Nigeria again to acquire freedom; but should report any maltreatment of Nigeria to the United Nations Organisation (UNO). Because UN would know that after a stipulated years of the end of war, the defeated one would be Independent, i mean that Biafra would be Independent nation without firing a gun about it., or making a long protest; but, i regret that Nigeria doesn’t yet have a good leader and understandable government, if they had they would have given Biafra a certified certification of Independent; immediately after the stipulated years, without waiting for long protest to aviod waster of economy, because, the Independence is the Biafra due right.
Any delay of Nigeria government giving freedom to Biafra is amounting to economic waste and inflation and mismangagement said Jesmion!


President DonaldJTrump lead Americans to God in times of difficulty

The United States government has declared “Sunday 15th March, 2020 the first day of the week” as a national day of prayer in response to the coronavirus outbreak.
President Donald Trump made the announcement on Twitter on “Saturday 14th, March 2020, the seventh day of the week”, urging Americans to turn to God for the country to prevail.
It is my great honour to declare Sunday 15th March 2020 as a
Day of prayer, Mr Trump said.
We are a country that, throughout our history, has looked to God for protection and strength in times like these.
No matter where you may be, i encourage you to turn towards prayer in an act of faith.
Together, we will easily prevail!
It’s my great honor to declare Sunday 15th, March 2020 as a national day of prayer.
We are a country that, throughout our history, has looks to God for protection and strength in time like these coronavirus epidemic.
Mr. Trump’s declaration came a day after he declared a national emergency in the country to free up federal resources to combat the coronavirus.
There are more than 1000 confirmed cases of coronavirus in the US so far in 49 states.
The US center for disease control and prevention said between 160 million and 214 million people in the United States could be infected over the course of the epidemic, according to a report project published on the New York Times.
On Saturday the seventh day of the week, president Trump said he had taken the coronavirus test and was expecting a result in a day or two and the test result was negative!

Coronavirus, officially named COVID-19, broke out in “Wuhan, Hubei province of Central China in December last year. 2019”
The virus has infected over 100,000 people in more than 100 countries, causing no less than 5000 deaths worldwide.

Jesmion said:
Among all the presidents of the world, American presiden DonaldJTrump is the first to remember God in times of difficulty and had directed the entire Americans to a National prayer day 15th March 2020.
He is just a good leader that led his countries to God almighty, said, Jesmion Chikwudi Ibekwe

priest Jesmion Chikwudi Ibekwe had dialogued with God his heavenly Father on behalf of the president of the great countries that led his countries to God almighty “Jonah 3:6-9”; president DonaldJTrump has put his countries in order, and i priest Jesmion Chikwudi Ibekwe hath seen how president DonaldJTrump hath led his countries to God almighty, and i have dialogued with God on mercy application; because, the Americans have a good leader (president DonaldJTrump) who led his countries to God: Jonah 3:5.
God and I priest Jesmion Chikwudi Ibekwe have a mercy dialogue as president DonaldJTrump had led his countries to God almighty on 15th March 2020.