Great lord Jesmion is a name coined for Jesmion by God of host in spirit and in truth

Great lord Jesmion is a name coined to Jesmion Chikwudi Ibekwe by the God of host in spirit and in truth
The man Jesmion whom God called ‘great lord Jesmion’ was firstly chosen by the prophets and adopted by the whole sabbath church as the winner of sabbath church prayer conduction, an auxiliarian for approximately several years; and was ‘anointed apostle’ in 1983.
After Jesmion’s anointment, the holyspirit spoke to Jesmion said: Welcome Jesmion, the kingdom of God is belonging to you!
Jesmion spent more full training after he was anointed by the prophet; he spent more full three years; during Jesmion’s full training, God sent its commander incharge of its angels which appeared to i Jesmion as a pure white candle light at the angel’s field, and automatically became an army general of the God’s angels and walked into the temple after it hath off its footwears, and walked directly to i Jesmion in the temple and automatically became a prayerman, holding a Rod sceptre on its right hand, he prayed for i Jesmion holding the golden Rod sceptre; it asked me about Prophet Emma Nwanne; i told him that Emma Nwanne was residing/lodges in the town, and it started praying for me again and again; after the general of the angels hath finished praying for me, and as i travel and went to Nwude Anaekwe sabbath church room at Uruagu Umudioka to spend sabbathday in the sabbath church of a room in Anaekwe compound. Nwude prophesied loudly before all people there, said to i Jesmion, that power had been directly given to you Jesmion from the heaven above, it’s a Golden Rod sceptre of round head; receive it, and as i Jesmion have received the heavenly power.
After receiving the golden Rod sceptre with thanks, the God of host appeared and spoke to me said “prophet to the nations!”
And Christ spoke to me just after God had spoken to me and called me “prophet to the nations” said: Don’t worry about food you need to eat and cloths to wear, and your journey!
Look at the birds of the air, they neither toil nor spin but your heavenly Father feeds them, why worry about Clothing, look at the flowers of the field, even Solomon with all his glories were not array like any of these flowers etc!
To cut messages short, i spent more than 21 years in my evangelical touring, before i Jesmion was auhorise and granted a parish by prophet Emma Nwanne who anointed me; “he said to i Jesmion, go to that your area and build a place of prayer and start praying there; i Jesmion did what he said, i went and clear the portion and build a room of prayer and praying there, including praying for any who come and need my prayers, just after more than 21 years of my preachings and prayers from Street to street, town to town, vilage to vilages and later i connect to electronic evangelism, that was when i connect with the whole world; all of the learned of the world appreciate i Jesmion and Elohim/God which trained me and sent me working for him/GOD or rather God working through i Jesmion!
At the East entrance bench where prophet Emma Nwanne had stood and Blessed i Jesmion with a continual blessings was where the general of God’s angels stood and praying for me and had asked of Emma, to remind i Jesmion that the blessings of prophet Emma Nwanne for me is a continual blessings.
This is how prophet Emma Nwanne had blessed i Jesmion with the blessing from the holyscripture said/while in the temple house of prayer: “Jesmion, you are faithful/trustworthy/excellent, even faithful for little things; therefore, you are lifted to the highest height” (Mtt 25:21-23)

Would you give a double hands of applause to the God of Jesmion! …



Biafranedu an online Educator

In 1966 was when Nigeria authority evicted Biafra Indigenous People and in 1967 Nigeria government declared war against Biafra.

Biafranedu was born after 1970.
Biafranedu is a short form of Biafra Ministry of Education (BME) online.

Biafra education is an open online structured for a varieties of imput; it is strategically a mean for enlightenment and public notation, including participant’s inclination towards every matter: Every matter that could attracts physical and theories of things.

Biafranedu was born during Biafrans hard times; during when the Biafrans had been mercilessly killed, tortured, and imprisoned etc by the Nigeria government, following the Biafran’s freedom, agitation for Biafra’s self-determination campaign.

Biafranedu became an online Educator on morality to advise Biafrans never to go into second war with Nigeria, just to respect the United Nations whose agenda is to stop war and violence all over the universe; just as God itself hath scheduled.
I prophet Jesmion, loves the Biafrans because they withdrew from buying arms and missiles after hearing me.

Sometimes as the Biafrans raiseup their missiles, to shoot missile due to Nigeria government’s continual killings, torturing and detaining of Biafra Indigenous people unlawfully; i priest Jesmion told the Biafrans said, don’t shoot! And they obeyed i Prophet Jesmion, and they withdrew their arms. I love Biafra for that obedience; Unlike Nigeria government which unlawfully and stupidly raised arms and shoot, killed scores of Biafra Indigenous People in their peaceful freedom demonstration all over the Biafra land.

The Biafranedu had stopped the Biafrans from expelling Nigeria foreigners in Biafra land, these happen during when Nigeria gave all Biafrans a fixed date to quit and vacate Nigeria land else, all would be dead in Nigeria within the next hours.
I prophet Jesmion said to Biafrans, don’t retaliate, just keep calm, and Biafrans obeyed i prophet Jesmion, eventhough, they still complained to me the reasons, according to Biafrans; that they had no intention to expel any Nigeria foreigner living in Biafran land, but that the Nigerian foreigners in Biafra cameout as a whole and joined Buhari government armed forces to mock the Biafrans on Nigeria so called “operation python dance” on Nigeria display of armoured tanks, machine guns and several other weapons displayed against Biafra Indigenous People.
But the Biafrans are right because it’s unfair for foreigners joining Nigeria army against Biafra in Biafra land; however, i stopped them from continuing the expulsion; it’s Buhari’s maladministration and wrong initiatives, which made him felt he could frighten Biafrans with Nigeria army armourd display called “operation python dance”
Buhari government thought that it was because they had killed scores of Biafrans, torture many, imprison many and put heavy fine to release the ones they had wrongly over detained, might make Biafra giveup from their freedom project; but it isn’t the way they felt; it’s i Jesmion the prophet of the most high God that Biafra had obeyed and not Nigeria government’s genocide, suppressive tricks, violated suppression and Human Rights violation etc!

Biafranedu has found an online course base on moral education from outside the wall of universities; this is to consolidate with the rightminded Biafrans and the rest of the world at large that eschew marginalisation and Human Rights violation.

How would you rate Biafranedu and Nigeria government:
(1) Nigeria government felt they can stop Biafra freedom project by:
(a) killed Biafrans? (b) tortured Biafrans? (c) detained Biafrans (d) unlawfully over detained Biafrans and place a heavy fine on the release of the over detained Biafrans? ‘ (2) Biafranedu was obeyed by the Biafrans because (a) it tell the Biafrans the correct things to do etc?


In new video, Boko Haram leader, Shekau threatens minister, journalist

The leader of Boko Haram, Abubakar Shekau, has released a video in which he threatened the minister of communication and digital economy, Isa Pantami
Mr. Shekau, in the nine minutes video also threatened journalists saying they should be cautious about what they report or write aboup my group.


Peter Obi, Abaribe, Umeh, others attend burial of Nnamdi Kanu’s parents

A former governor of Anambra state, Peter Obi, and Senate Minority Leader, Enyinnaya Abaribe, are among early arrivals at Afaraukwu, country home of the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Nnamdi Kanu, for the burial of his parents.
Others at the event includes former Chairman of All Progressive Grand Alliance (APGA), Victor Umeh; Tony Akasoanya, Abia state pioneer chairman of PDP ; and a PDP chieftain, Empire Kanu.
Leader of another pro-biafra group, Movementa For The Sovereign State Of Biafra (MASSB), Uchenna Madu, was also in attendance.


Nigerian military razes villages as Boko Haram escalates – Amnesty International

The Nigeria military has burned and forcible displaced entire villages in response to a recent escalation in attacks by the armed group Boko Haram, Amnesty International said today, base on interviews with affected villagers in Borno state and satellite data analysis.
The military also arbitrarily detained six men from the displaced villages, continuing a patter of violations. Amnesty International has documented throughout the counry’s decade long armed conflict in the northeast.
The men were held incommunicado for almost a month and subjected to illtreament, before their release on 30 January 2020.
These brazen acts of razing entire villages, deliberately destroying civilian homes and forcibly displacing their inhabitants with no imperative military grounds, should be investigated as possible war crimes, said, Osai Ojigho, Director of Amnesty International Nigeria.
The repeat of a longstanding pattern of Nigerian military meting out brutal tactics against the civilian population. Forces allegedly responsible for such violations must be suspended immediately and brought to justice.


Maiduguri protester booed Buhari

Welcome To Biafra News Feed - BNF
protesters on wednesday booed president Muhammadu Buhari when he travelled to Maiduguri to ‘sympathise’ over recent Boko Haram attacks.
A video circulated on social media showed hundreds of protesters on the road while the president’s convoy drove past.
Buhari, we don’t like you!
We don’t want you anymore, the protesters chanted in Hausa language.


God came down the earth, controlled escalating destruction

I Jesmion in spirit came at an area where people go to a prophet for consultation and cure, but as the prophet saw me around, he ordered and introduced people he had cured to me to bring the pure oil and bread for me, and they did, and as i want to go, the prophet say i shouldn’t go, that i should not go because of that, the works had not finished, and i agree and stay around untill he finished , he then, introduced all the people he had cured to go to i Jesmion and give thanks for what God had done for them’ and the people did, they came offer gift and praise God of heaven with me, as the people go and after giving thanks to me and to God of heaven, i decided to carry the thanks offering to a holy place, but i said, o! No that i need to go and appreciate the prophet who had ordered these to be brought to me, and as i entered and sit with (God of heaven) and discussing with him, i told him that i had cured many by just a touch of my hand and words of my mouth,but no one give thanks! but God of heaven said to i Jesmion, “that was reasons i had ordered them to bring all those thanksgiving to you, because no one had given you thanks! That you should have stay in Lagos” and after the God of heaven had finished speaking, there arose fight of (aruru takwolu idide and idide takwolu aruru) but the God of heaven didn’t allow any snake and dogs to enter the portion where i Jesmion is staying with the God of heaven, but what i Jesmion saw was terrible, because snakes and dogs runs for their lives, it made me run into the inner room because the destruction shakes the foundation of the earth.
There at the entrance i look at the God of heaven and how he controlled the destruction, and he controlled the lawlessness and things began to move normal.
The lawlessness were not those he had cured that gave God thanks through i Jesmion to the God of heaven, but the snakes, dogs, lions tigers etc, he control them just as the angel controlled the lawlessness of Sodom to save Lot and his family
Formally, God said that it would destroyed the world, and i Jesmion, appealed and appease God and God said it hath heard my prayer; but this time, Christ still speaks to i Jesmion to tell Sabbathus that he will destroy his enemies and the world, because people have increased upto 99% in evil doing instead of reducing evil doing; and that those Sabbathus enemies must be destroyed, i Jesmion already delivered Christ message to Sabbathus as Christ told me, and that he hath sent two angels to destroy the world!
But the lawless destructions are that, people destroyed themselves; it’s not Christ or God that destroy the people; the people destroy themselves, just as if Sodom. But people destroyed themselves, but God of heaven control them using its toes; i Jesmion was sitting with God of Heaven as God controlled the destructions, only that i ran inside inner room and from there watching how God controls the world because it was terrible the lawless and destruction made me afraid and i Jesmion ran inside and God came down from where i and him had been sitting and controlled the destruction using its toes; i mean (that i Jesmion and God change position in same house, i Jesmion was standing at the door at the back of God at the inner room seeing what God has done) only God controlled the whole destructions, which Christ spoke to i Jesmion about.
This time the angels sent by Christ will destroy enemies of Sabbathus! 8th February 2020.

Jesmion, why did God of heavens say that you would be in Lagos? … Ans: that would be where God of heaven have prepare a place for me to run on two choices, and be save; but i ran in the inner room of the house of God of heaven and standing at the back of God of heaven; just as Lot had ran from Sodom to Zoar (Genesis 19:23) had God of heaven didn’t control the destruction; but Lot had been given two options to run to the hill or to Zoar; to i Jesmion i chose to stay with God of heaven, and i ran to the inner room of God of heaven, instead of running to Lagos; i was at the enterance of the holy of holies at the back of God of heaven as God control the destruction of the world!
Jesmion, why the scripture say that footprint of God is not seen/known and now God controlled the earth with his toes (psalm 77:19)? .. Ans: the scripture talks of God in the great water but i Jesmion talks of God’s legs and toes on the land/earth, as God came down on the land he has legs and uses the toe of his legs and controlled the whole destructions on earth surface!

On 18th February 2020, God ascended to heaven, and we the unbeatables angels of God were staying by and an angel of God among us spokeup when God was passing said: God is good at doing good, and runs from wrong participation. I Jesmion was there with the unbeatable angels of God, as i saw God moving and it knew i Jesmion was there with the angels



Democrat senator doesn’t care about Legal or constitutional

The Democrat Sen. Mazie Hirono (D-HI) has blasted president Donald Trump’s legal defense during the Senate impeachment trial, declaring she doesn’t care about his legal or constitution argument.
In a disturbing rant during an interview with MSNBC the Hawaii senator appeared to warn Trump that Democrats will continue to pursue the president, whether he act legally and within the constitution or not.
I don’t care what kind of nice, little, legal, constitutional defenses that they cameup with, senator Hirono declared.
Hirono’s comments come in response to the 51-49 vote in the senate on Friday 31st Jan 2020, meaning, Democrats attemps to prolong the impeachment trial, by calling for new witnesses and documents, were voted down.
A video of Hirono’s remarks was shared on Twitter by Republican National Committee (RNC) chairman Rona McDaniel.
Jesmion, what have you discovered in this political conflict? …ans: It’s clearly evidence that the Democrats are a political enemie of president Donal Trump, they are not with President Donald Trump as early vowed. but rather they are the opposition, the Democrats are the Islamic sect against president Trump; it’s a good idea that US ban the permanent visas, even though that they can still use the temporary visas against American legal constitutions; because, Democrat is madeup of moslems against Donald Trump, but the visa ban have not fully help the Islams to dominate the whole America, but they can still use the temporal visas to vote against the true American!


Nigeria to kill biafran in retaliation of iranian general killed by america

Abba Kyria, Ango Abudllahi have conspired with Nigeria army to kill the Biafrans in retalliation of the assassination of Iran army general.
IPOB intelligence unit hereby inform the general public and all Biafrans to be very vigilant and be at alert. The Fulani cabals in Nigeria held a meeting with the Nigeria army in Yarudua, military baracks in Kastina state.
Those in attendance of this meeting are Abba Kyari the Chief of staff to President Buhari, Tanko Mohammed, Ango Abudullahi, Nigeria chief of Army staff general Tukur Yusuf Buratai and few other military officers of Fulani extraction.
The were addressed by Chief of the army staff General Tukur Yusuf Buratai, they were instructed and mandated to revenge the death of the Iranian general Qasem Soleimani who was killed with other Muslim brothers by the US president Donald Trump in Iraq, he informed them that the whole of South East must bear the wrath of the Nigeria army for their unshakeable love and support for America and Donald Trump.
Already they have been looking for a way to kill the Biafrans, so this is a golden opportunity for them.
He also informed them that the Nigeria police have been instructed on what to do and that is what warranted the Nigeria IGP to release a press statement, warning everybody for a possible revenge for the death of the Iranian general Qarem Soleimani in Nigeria and also asked the police to be alert.
Below are names of Nigerian top military and other officers assigned to lead the teams for the killings in Biafra land in South East.
(1) Brigadier General Bello Muhammed
(2) Major General Sule Ahmed
(3) Sergeant Umaro Tanko
(4) Navy commander Shehu Billa.
These officers mentioned above shall lead the team.

Jesmion, how would you rate the Nigeria government, in the conspiracy against Biafra following the death of the Iranian Soleimani?….
Iam Jesmion, Nigeria government have 0.00%, it’s an injustice!


UK finally leaves EU

The prime Minister Boris Johnson hailed an “astonishing moment” as Britain formally left the European Union EU after 47 years on friday 31st Jan. 2020, saying, his government had obeyed the people who voted for Brexit in a 2016 referendum.
For many people this is an astonishing moment of hope, a moment they thought would never come, Johnson said in a recorded speech.
The speech was broadcast via his Facebook account one hour before Brexit become official at 11 pm (2300 GMT) or midnight in Brussels.
There are many of course who feel a sense of anxiety and loss, Johnson added.
Then, of course there is a third group – perhaps the biggest – who had started to worry that the whole political wrangle would never come to an end.
We have obeyed the people who voted for Brexit in a 2016 referendum he said. Adding: We have taken back the tools of ‘self- government.
Johnson and the European Union’s top officials earlier pointed to new opportunities ahead after Brexit.
Thousands of eurosceptic gathered to celebrate Brexit Day in London and other cities, rivalled by smaller groups of pro-EU activist7 in some areas. But most British people were not expected to mark the date.
A light show and other events organised by Johnson’s conservative government at Downing Street was outshone by a nearby Brexit celebration: Countdown to freedom event fronted by veteran eurosceptic and Brexit party leader Nigel Farage in London’s parliament square.
In Brussel ealier, European commission president Ursula Vonder Leyen, European council president Charles Michel and European parliament president David Sassoli said (saturday would mark a new dawn for Europe. The bloc’s remaining 27 member states will continue to join forces and build a common future, they wrote in an oped for several European newspapers.
Leaders across Europe expressed similar sentiments.
German Chancellor Angela Merkel said, Brexit was a deep cut for us all, but underlined that the remaining EU members would continue to do everything necessary to move forward.
Brexit is a historic alarm signal that must sound in all our countries, that must be heared by all of Europe and make us reflect French president Emmanuel Macron said. Jesmion, what would you have to say about Brexit? .. Iam Jesmion; Union is never a bondage; partnership is never forceful! Example, Jesus said to the 72 persons who rejected following him, you are free to go! Also said to the other twlve persons you are free to leave if you feel leaving; iam not alone, iam with God my father! So, Britain has right to leave; unlike stupid Nigeria government who kills Biafrans simply because they login for freedom and campaign for freedom; apart from civil war killing , Nigeria government stupidly kills the civillians in their peaceful freedom campaign!