God hath bless Biafra Hebos 8th May 2020

In the night of 8th May 2020, as i prophet Jesmion the priest of the most highest God saw and heared an Anglican and a Catholic priest pronounced curses against Biafra with all their might. After they had finished, i prophet Jesmion the priest of the most highest God appeared and pronounce blessing on Biafra the Hebo nation said: “The Lord bless you and prosper you Biafrans the Hebos nation wherever you go and wherever you are; you will live longer than 200 handred years of age and have food and water”
After i have blessed the Biafra nation, the two priests of Catholic and Anglican hearing the blessing i have pronounced for Biafrans, the two surrendered to me, but i didn’t expel them for cursing Biafra; because, i knew their curses cannot work because they are man made priests, God didn’t approve them . But i prophet Jesmion the priest of the most highest God discussed with them that Biafrans should live to their old age of 200 to 300 years, and the two agree with me, so the Anglican and Catholic agree with me on the blessings i have pronouced for Biafrans.

Jesmion why you didn’t bless Nigeria also? … Ans: the blessing is not by my power, it’s some thing done in spirit!
Perhap, when Nigeria leaders will do what archangel of God hath spoken to Mr Muhammadu Buhari to do for Biafra nation, God can; because, God is good; if President Muhammadu Buhari had given Biafra the independence immediately as the archangel of God had spoken to Muhammadu Buhari; but Buhari reacted given Biafra nation independent, and God spoke to Muhammadu Buhari said: he is owing God, so the Leader of Nigeria, president Muhammadu Buhari is owing God, what he is owing God is to give Biafra Independent immediately!

Jesmion why is it that the fight between God and Nigeria government affects all nations of the world?… Ans: Because all nations of the world didn’t separated themselves from Nigeria government, eventhough they know all evils and stubbornness of Nigeria government against God!
Would you convince God that the United Nations doesn’t know all the evils and Nigeria government stubbornness?…
Jesmion some one died without reaching 200 to 300 years old?… Ans: that some one was not a good Biafran!
Don’t you know that God is against whoever is against me? … So he died as a cause of being against God, because if God is your enemie coronaviru must be your friend!
Jesmion but Jacob fight against God’s angel?…ans: but was badly wounded! But remember you are not Jacob, and that you may die in the fight with angel of God! I suggest you wait until you are Jacob to sustain such an incurable wounds of Jacob for fighting an angel of God, else (COVID-20) will deal with you, however, (COVID-19) is still at war with you and Nigeria has ran to Madagascar for herbal medicine, is that how you should fight God’s angel? I thank God you will never be Jacob; you are your selves!


By Biafra News Feed

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