Mrs Corona and her virus and Mrs WHO and her Medicine competed

Mrs COVID-19 and Mrs World Health Organization (WHO) competed

Mrs corona has gotten branches of her virus to almost all over the world and seems to have her headquarters in China;, same as Mecca for Islamic, Vatican for Catholic, England for Anglican, Jerusalem for Sabbath.

Mrs Corona got branches all over the world within a space of 2019 to 2020; Mrs Corona beat off the World Health Organization (WHO) and threw World Health Organization out of the ring net and proceed; and now Mrs WHO is crying and calling America for help, then, America now asked Mrs WHO about the $500 million he donates yearly, what did she do with all the money? America regards Mrs WHO as a mismanage woman; you can see that these women, Mrs COVID-19 and Mrs WHO are a big problem to the the masses in their competitions; but Mrs Corona has beatendown Mrs WHO and win the nations for herself; but, let’s see what Mrs World Health (WHO) will do after she have collected another money from her friends; Mrs WHO seek for money while Mrs Corona and her virus seek for fame, and now Mrs COVID-19 is famous! While Mrs WHO is still looking for money; perhaps, Mrs WHO doesn’t have savings bank account to use it for emergency time like this.
‘and what about, if Mr Coronavirus is angry? … Can Mrs WHO that didn’t defeat Mrs COVID–19 withstand?
How do you think that Mrs WHO can fight Mr Coronavirus? … We pray, let Mr COVID-20 not be angry, already Mrs Corona has defeated Mrs World Health (WHO) and beat her out of the stadium; and we can only pray for God’s mercy, plus doing what God had commanded in order for God to have mercy!

Iam aghast that Mrs Corona and her virus has defeated Mrs WHO and her medicine; Mrs WHO cried out for extra support from her friends; her friends were amazed at Mrs WHO’s mismanagement of millions of Dollars being given to Mrs WHO annually.
Already Mrs COVID-19 had defeated Mrs WHO and have the world title; but question is, who help Mrs COVID-19 in the struggle? .. No body, Mrs COVID-19 have no friend to donate billions of Dollars for her, and stil, she defeated Mrs WHO and be famous and become a world title holder and Mrs WHO was crying and blaming her friends; Corona and her virus have no one to blame because she doesn’t have friends, but Mrs WHO have many friends that can donate billions for her.
Does Mrs WHO trying to sustain? .. It’s not WHO that sustain the masses, but prayer support help the masses to be sustained; example, president DonaldJTrump called His continents for a day prayer for God’s mercy and prophet Jesmion, the priest of the highest God had addressed the prayer to God for mercy, and God has been merciful, because of priest Jesmion, president DonaldJTrump and those who obeyed the call of Trump for prayer.

By Biafra News Feed

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