A Letter to Nnamdi Kanu of Biafra and COVID-19 war against United Nations for Biafra Independence!

Igbo Leaders send Open Letter to Nnamdi Kanu

An Igbo Elder statesman, Ichie Agwoturumbe, has written the Leader of the proscribed Indegenous people of Biafra, IPOB, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, an open letter.
“i don’t know how else to reach you, so i decided to use this platform to share my ordeal and i hope your supporters will share the information iam about to pass to you when they see it.
Our people say that “Nwata etoghi eto chuba ihe gburu nnaya, ihe gburu nna ya egbukwuo ya na onwe ya”. I need not translate, but you understand where i headed.
Ojukwu was led by emotions and not logic. He couldn’t see the real picture, because he allowed himself to be clouded by emotions and sycophants. The main things Ndi Igbo need is not independence, but security of lives and properties. We need a safe home to do business, worship Elohim and train our children.
Ojukwu was not prepared for war on an international scale. He didn’t have the support of any African country before the war, and he didn’t bother.
That cost us approximately 3 million Igbo lives. Ignoring African countries and even world powers are always deadly. Ojukwu did not compromise. That’s foolishness. A wise man knows when to compromise for peace to reign. During the war he was offered independence if he left the South South (parts of Delta, Cross river, Akwa Ibom) but he refused. He ended up leaving with nothing..
He was told to allow Israel use the oil for free for 20 years, but he refused out of pride and emotions. Had he accepted help, he would won a great victory for our people. Ojukwu would have accepted a Nigeria, but with semi-autonomous South East and South South. These would have save us the cost of human lives as well as the cost of living in subjugation. But he chose war over logic and was too adamant and proud to compromise. He failed and lost millions of lives in the process. Mazi Nnamdi Kanu nobody want Biafra. We need freedom but not self-determination. We just want peace and stability in our land. The parth you are taking is causing war and young men are losing their lives. Many ended up in prison and even your parents have been casualties of this exercise in futility. Looking around you, there’s no one supporting you apart from the sycophants who surround you. No country, no government, no senator, and no politician in power has declared support for this Biafra. Why dont you drop this fight or change strategy? I advise you stop fighting with Igbo elders. They are not the enemy, they just want to maintain the peace. Even Ojukwu venture into politics because he realised that crying and protesting couldn’t bring succur to the Igbo race. Drop your banners and join politicps. Contest for governor and be the first to publicly support your movement. When called by the UN and International community due to your influence as a governor, accept a semi-autonomous region with its own army and police. If you can govern a semi-autonomous region in honesty and integrity, nobody would have any issues giving you Biafra. But if not , i’m sorry but you’d have to forget about this movement. For now, stop inciting our youths to violence. I know your sycophants would attack me. They might burn my house and my shrine where i pray to Chukwuokikeobiama everyday. But i don’t mind. I’d speak the truth and fight the course of Ndigbo till Chukwuokikeobiama calls me to Alm ndi muo!
I hope you read this letter an i enjoin everyone who reads this to share it till Ohamadike sees it and reads it.
Ndigbo ndewonu.

Jesmion’s comment:
you have wrongly written to a campaigner and broadcasting corporation Mr Nnamdi Kanu; Nnamdi Kanu is a Media man , he has the mouth as all other medias. You would have written to Mrs Corona, a woman of action to stop fighting for Biafra’s freedom, and not Nnamdi Kanu a Mouth talker!
Have you written to Mrs Coronavirus to stop fighting for Biafra’s freedom?… Her headquarter seems to be in China.
She nearly destroy the United Nations because the world/nations neglect the immediate attention of Biafra freedom/independence over the years; but be you careful how you write Mrs COVID-19 because she is fighting for Biafra self-determination and independence, lest she handle you badly!

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