Antonio Guterres UN secretary general on Internation Mother Earth Day 22 Appril 2020

Antonio Guterres (UN Secretary General) on International Mother Earth Day (22 April 2020).
20 April 2020 – On this International Mother Earth Day, all eyes are on the COVID – 19 pandemic – the biggest test the world has faced since the Second world war.
We must work together to save lives, ease suffering and lessen the shattering economic and social consequences.
The impact of the coronavirus is both immediate and dreadful.
But there is another deep emergency — the planet’s unfolding environmental crisis.
Biodiversity is in steep decline.
Climate disruption is approaching a point of no return.
We must act decisively to protect our planet from both the coronavirus and the existential threat of climate disruption.
The current crisis is an unprecedented wake-up call.
We need to turn the recovery into a real opportunity to do things right for the future.
Iam therefore proposing six climate related actions to shape the recovery and the work ahead.
Firstly: as we spend huge amounts of money to recover from the coronavirus, we must deliver new jobs and businesses through a clean, green transition.
Secondly: where taxpayerr’ money is used to rescue businesses, it needs to be tied to achieving green jobs and sustainable growth.
Thirdly: fiscal firepower must drive a shift from the grey to green economy, and make societies and people more resilient.
Fourthly: public funds should be used to invest in the future, not the past, and flow to sustainable sectors and projects that help the environment and the climate.
Fossil fuel subsidies must end, and polluters must start paying for their pollution.
Fifthly: climate risks and opportunities must be incorporated into the financial system as well as all aspects of public policy making and infrastructure.
Sixthly: we need to work together as an international community.
These six principles constitute an important guide to recovering better together.
Greenhouse gases, just like viruses, do not respect national boundaries.
On this Earth Day, please join me in demanding a healthy and resilient future for people and planet alike



Angel Michael speaks to president Muhammadu Buhari in the dream of Jesmion through the spirit of Jesmion

Archangel Michael speaks to president Muhammadu Buhari in the dream of Jesmion through the spirit of Jesmion said: “as i did what you said, it remains you to do what i said: ‘give Biafrans the Independence’ is what i archangal Michael said.
Archangel Michael spoke to president Muhammadu Buhari through the spirit of Jesmion said ‘give Biafra freedom’ if you don’t give Biafra freedom in your regime, that’s mean you are owing; i did what you said and serve you and your people as you have directed me, but you haven’t do what i told you to do; what i told you to do is to “give Biafrans independence”
you are owing if you don’t do what i told you because i did what you told me to do for you, said Archangel Michael through the spirit of prophet Jesmion the priest of the most highest God.

IPOB is not a religious cult, but a group of agitators concerning Biafra.
I have commented about Nnamdi Kanus’ wrong address made by his supporters; trying to make Nnamdi Kanu their god or godesses, i told them to stop it, because iam afraid of God!
God is good, if not for the goodness of God, as example, president Muhammadu Buhari would have been a dead man ever since; because he rebels God, as archangel of God spoke to him through the spirit of Jesmion directly to Buhari said: What i want you to do for me is to: “give Biafra Freedom”
Buhari reacted, but the angel said to him, if you fail to give Biafra freedom in your regime as i told you, then it mean you are owing!
God gave President Buhari chance to decide on what the archangel by the spirit of Jesmion told him, perhaps, Buhari will change his mind and give Biafrans independence as archangel Michel had spoken.
I was afraid, thinking that presiddent Buhari would die as he reacted against what angel Mikel has told him to do; but God gave him chance perhaps Buhari will later do what God had told him!
About Nnamdi Kanu making himself as if god without God’s approval, is illegal, and iam afraid God would have killed him, but i can see that God hath not killed him, but as i see his group referring Nnamdi Kanu as god or godesses, i told them to stop it! because iam affraid of God, because i know how an Iraelite Khng was killed a king in Israel because the king allow people to praise him and regard him as god because they depend on him for help and supplies and immediately maggot ate the king to finish in the presence of those who regarded him as gods; because they depend on him for help and survival, am afraid, and stoping those who are making Nnamdi Kanu god, messia etc, because i don’t want him die as pomposity who felt that he/she has becomes god or goddesses. Etc.
Example, God can make Moses god to Pharoah to deliver Israel, and it may not be so God will deliver Biafra. So, Nnamdi Kanu is mistaking thinking that he would be Moses and President Muhammadu Buhari would be pharoah, but God didn’t chose Nnamdi Kanu as Moses, but God has chosen archangel Mikel in the spirit of Jesmion that has spoken to President Muhammadu Buhari for Biafrans freedom.
Mind you that president Muhammadu Buhari is never pharoah and Nnamdi Kanu is never Moses.
God didn’t make Nnamdi kanus a god to Buhari nor did God made President Muhammadu Buhari a Pharoah!


Mrs Corona and her virus has been famously a world champion!

All have seen, even witnessed that Mrs COVID-19 has become a world heavy champion as she defeated the former title holder, Mrs World Health (WHO).
Mrs Corona and her virus knockout Mrs WHO and her medicine.
We are grateful to Godalmighty for its intervention, making sure for the survival of some persons.

These two women context were a headache to humanity living on Earth.
Mrs Corona and her virus beat hell of Mrs world health (WHO) and become world champion.

The benefit of the two women among the living humanbeing in business is that, Mrs Corona and her virus have no customers, but Mrs World Health (WHO) is a business tycoon, but failed this time, because Mrs Corona want to get the championship, if not so, Mrs World Health (WHO) would have been in a big business deal of this time clocking to 100% in money making, would have get 100% in business deal, but Mrs Corona didn’t gave her the chance, even now Mrs WHO and her medicine are making a big business deal through her agents the hospitals, clinics, maternity, dispensaries, chemists, medicine store, streets and all other medicine marketers and drug’s hawkers; all of these are agents of Mrs World Health; the pharmaceutical industries produce a huge amount of drugs for sale and 95% of humanbeing and animals depend on World Health medical business deals to survive, for this reason Mrs world health (WHO) became billionaire worldwide.
But the beaten of Mrs Corona and her virus doesn’t affect Mrs WHO’s wealth, she is still a billionaire and have almost 97% customers; although, Mrs Corona has beaten Mrs world health organisation (WHO) but 2% of customer has been added to Mrs World Health Organisation (WHO), eventhough, Mrs world health loses championship she still gain additional customer in her business deals.
Example, 2% of customers was added to 95% equal 97% of WHO’s gainful customers.
God has only 3% of person that didn’t depend on Mrs WHO for cure; and Mrs Coronavirus 0% in the context.
Although, God has 100% in saving life, and Mrs WHO has 97% in business deal and making money!
We owed God a very big thanks, because, not everybody would have afford Mrs World Health’s money bills!



A Letter to Nnamdi Kanu of Biafra and COVID-19 war against United Nations for Biafra Independence!

Igbo Leaders send Open Letter to Nnamdi Kanu

An Igbo Elder statesman, Ichie Agwoturumbe, has written the Leader of the proscribed Indegenous people of Biafra, IPOB, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, an open letter.
“i don’t know how else to reach you, so i decided to use this platform to share my ordeal and i hope your supporters will share the information iam about to pass to you when they see it.
Our people say that “Nwata etoghi eto chuba ihe gburu nnaya, ihe gburu nna ya egbukwuo ya na onwe ya”. I need not translate, but you understand where i headed.
Ojukwu was led by emotions and not logic. He couldn’t see the real picture, because he allowed himself to be clouded by emotions and sycophants. The main things Ndi Igbo need is not independence, but security of lives and properties. We need a safe home to do business, worship Elohim and train our children.
Ojukwu was not prepared for war on an international scale. He didn’t have the support of any African country before the war, and he didn’t bother.
That cost us approximately 3 million Igbo lives. Ignoring African countries and even world powers are always deadly. Ojukwu did not compromise. That’s foolishness. A wise man knows when to compromise for peace to reign. During the war he was offered independence if he left the South South (parts of Delta, Cross river, Akwa Ibom) but he refused. He ended up leaving with nothing..
He was told to allow Israel use the oil for free for 20 years, but he refused out of pride and emotions. Had he accepted help, he would won a great victory for our people. Ojukwu would have accepted a Nigeria, but with semi-autonomous South East and South South. These would have save us the cost of human lives as well as the cost of living in subjugation. But he chose war over logic and was too adamant and proud to compromise. He failed and lost millions of lives in the process. Mazi Nnamdi Kanu nobody want Biafra. We need freedom but not self-determination. We just want peace and stability in our land. The parth you are taking is causing war and young men are losing their lives. Many ended up in prison and even your parents have been casualties of this exercise in futility. Looking around you, there’s no one supporting you apart from the sycophants who surround you. No country, no government, no senator, and no politician in power has declared support for this Biafra. Why dont you drop this fight or change strategy? I advise you stop fighting with Igbo elders. They are not the enemy, they just want to maintain the peace. Even Ojukwu venture into politics because he realised that crying and protesting couldn’t bring succur to the Igbo race. Drop your banners and join politicps. Contest for governor and be the first to publicly support your movement. When called by the UN and International community due to your influence as a governor, accept a semi-autonomous region with its own army and police. If you can govern a semi-autonomous region in honesty and integrity, nobody would have any issues giving you Biafra. But if not , i’m sorry but you’d have to forget about this movement. For now, stop inciting our youths to violence. I know your sycophants would attack me. They might burn my house and my shrine where i pray to Chukwuokikeobiama everyday. But i don’t mind. I’d speak the truth and fight the course of Ndigbo till Chukwuokikeobiama calls me to Alm ndi muo!
I hope you read this letter an i enjoin everyone who reads this to share it till Ohamadike sees it and reads it.
Ndigbo ndewonu.

Jesmion’s comment:
you have wrongly written to a campaigner and broadcasting corporation Mr Nnamdi Kanu; Nnamdi Kanu is a Media man , he has the mouth as all other medias. You would have written to Mrs Corona, a woman of action to stop fighting for Biafra’s freedom, and not Nnamdi Kanu a Mouth talker!
Have you written to Mrs Coronavirus to stop fighting for Biafra’s freedom?… Her headquarter seems to be in China.
She nearly destroy the United Nations because the world/nations neglect the immediate attention of Biafra freedom/independence over the years; but be you careful how you write Mrs COVID-19 because she is fighting for Biafra self-determination and independence, lest she handle you badly!


Mrs Corona and her virus and Mrs WHO and her Medicine competed

Mrs COVID-19 and Mrs World Health Organization (WHO) competed

Mrs corona has gotten branches of her virus to almost all over the world and seems to have her headquarters in China;, same as Mecca for Islamic, Vatican for Catholic, England for Anglican, Jerusalem for Sabbath.

Mrs Corona got branches all over the world within a space of 2019 to 2020; Mrs Corona beat off the World Health Organization (WHO) and threw World Health Organization out of the ring net and proceed; and now Mrs WHO is crying and calling America for help, then, America now asked Mrs WHO about the $500 million he donates yearly, what did she do with all the money? America regards Mrs WHO as a mismanage woman; you can see that these women, Mrs COVID-19 and Mrs WHO are a big problem to the the masses in their competitions; but Mrs Corona has beatendown Mrs WHO and win the nations for herself; but, let’s see what Mrs World Health (WHO) will do after she have collected another money from her friends; Mrs WHO seek for money while Mrs Corona and her virus seek for fame, and now Mrs COVID-19 is famous! While Mrs WHO is still looking for money; perhaps, Mrs WHO doesn’t have savings bank account to use it for emergency time like this.
‘and what about, if Mr Coronavirus is angry? … Can Mrs WHO that didn’t defeat Mrs COVID–19 withstand?
How do you think that Mrs WHO can fight Mr Coronavirus? … We pray, let Mr COVID-20 not be angry, already Mrs Corona has defeated Mrs World Health (WHO) and beat her out of the stadium; and we can only pray for God’s mercy, plus doing what God had commanded in order for God to have mercy!

Iam aghast that Mrs Corona and her virus has defeated Mrs WHO and her medicine; Mrs WHO cried out for extra support from her friends; her friends were amazed at Mrs WHO’s mismanagement of millions of Dollars being given to Mrs WHO annually.
Already Mrs COVID-19 had defeated Mrs WHO and have the world title; but question is, who help Mrs COVID-19 in the struggle? .. No body, Mrs COVID-19 have no friend to donate billions of Dollars for her, and stil, she defeated Mrs WHO and be famous and become a world title holder and Mrs WHO was crying and blaming her friends; Corona and her virus have no one to blame because she doesn’t have friends, but Mrs WHO have many friends that can donate billions for her.
Does Mrs WHO trying to sustain? .. It’s not WHO that sustain the masses, but prayer support help the masses to be sustained; example, president DonaldJTrump called His continents for a day prayer for God’s mercy and prophet Jesmion, the priest of the highest God had addressed the prayer to God for mercy, and God has been merciful, because of priest Jesmion, president DonaldJTrump and those who obeyed the call of Trump for prayer.


African Union gives Okonjo Iweala, others, new appointments

The Chairperson of the African Union, President of the Republic of South Africa His Excellency Cyril Ramaphosa has appointed Ngozi Okonjo Iweala, Donald Kaberuka, Tidjane Thian and Trevor Manuel as special Envoys of the African Union to mobilse international support for Africa’s efforts to address the economic challenges African countries will face as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.
The Special Envoyes will be tasked with soliciting rapid and concrete support as pledged by the G20, the European Union and other international financial institutions.
President Ramaphosa says: “In the light of the devastating socio-economic and political impact of the pandemic on African countries these institutions need to support African economies that are facing serious economic challenges with a complehensive stimulus package for Africa, including deferred debt and interest payments.
The impact of the Coronavirus pandemic has been global in both scale and reach, and this necessitates coordinated international action to capacitate all countries to respond effectively, but most particularly developing countries that continue to shoulder a historical burden of poverty, inequality and underdevelopment”,
president Ramaphosa said.
President Ramaphosa added: “The sentiment expressed in two recent letters written to the G20 by a group of world leaders and a team of esteemed economists underscore the importance of bolstering health systems in poorer countries; this can only be done with the support of the international community”.
Dr Okonjo Iweala is an internationally respected economist and development expert and served two terms as Minister of Finance of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
She has also served as Managing Director of the world bank.
Dr Kaberuka is an economist and former president and chairman of the Board of Directors of the African Development Bank (AfDB). He is the former Finance Minister of Rwanda and in 2016 was appointed as a Special Envoy of the African Union on sustainable financing for the AU and funding for peace in Africa.
Mr Manuel was the longestserving Minister of Finance in the Republic of South Africa and formerly headed the country’s National planning commission.
In 2018 he was appointed as an Investment Envoy by South African president Cyril Ramaphosa to engage domestic and international investors as part of the country’s national investment drive.
Mr Thiam is a banker and businessman. He is the former chief Executive Officer of Credit Suisse and also serve as Chief Financial Officer and CEO of Prudential. He also has a background in management consulting and worked for McKinsey and company.
The African Union Chair said the appointment of the special envoys would expedite the process of securing economic support to enable countries on the continent to respond swiftly to this grave public health emergency. President Ramaphosa said the envoys brought with them a wealth of experience and enjoyed longstanding relationships in the international financial community.
The African Union is immensely encouraged by the support that has been extended by the international community thus far. It is an affirmation that as nations of the world, we are all in this together. We must now focus on efforts to marshal every resource at our disposal to ensure that this pandemic is contained, and does not result in the collapse of already ailing economies and financial systems on the continent”, president Ramaphosa said.
Dr Okonjo Iweala is bagging the new African Union appointment a few days after the Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund, Kristalina Georgieva named her a member of the organizations External Advisory Group.
The group has been charged “to provide perspectives from around the globe on key developments and policy issues, including policy responses to the exceptional challenges the world now faces due to the novel coronavirus and its economic impact”
The eminent group from around the world, the IMF said, is to draw on high level policy, market, and private sector experience to provide insights to enhance the Fund’s ability to serve its membership



Archangel Michael by the spirit of prophet Jesmion the priest of the most highest God

Archangel Michael by the spirit of prophet Jesmion the priest of the most highest God has been serving Buhari the president of Nigeria, and i did what he tells me to do; i told him what he would do for me but he Muhammadu Buhari refused to do what i told him to do; i told him to give “Biafra freedom silently” but he reacted and sat on his chair facing the people as i served the people according to how he directed me to serve the people for him.
I did what Buhari said as iam a general servant of God! And i discussed with Buhari silently in dream as no one hear what i told him except only on what he should do for me, and he reacted.
But iam not annoyed over his reaction; because, he will still think over what i told him to do for me to “give Biafra freedom” was what archangel Michael in the spirit of prophet Jesmion, the priest of the most highest God had told president Buhari to do.
Give Biafra freedom said archangel Michael to Buhari the current Nigeria president.
Iam doing what Buhari tells me to do in that dream, and i have told Buhari what i want him to do for me.
Iam waiting for Buhari, maybe he can change his mind to do what i told him to do for me in his regime, if he change his mind and give Biafra freedom, that’s mean he appreciate me and all iam doing for him, because, i do what he said, and he is owing the heaven to do what the heaven said, just to give ‘Biafra freedom’
this was the dream conversation between Buhari; angel michael; and priest Jesmion.
Jesmion the family of God.


God is judged accepted and unaccepted

There were sets of people who say they would not accept God; according to them that they have checked, and formally considered God because their fight with God was one on one.
But now they don’t accept God because the people killed are at God’s site (mean that God hath defeated them at war), although, it was their wives that drove the vehicle when all the destruction occured!

Jesmion said:
so, you allowed your wife to be insulting God and to use prophet Jesmion, the priest of the most highest God for caricature, and threaten him (iji Jesmion we gba abia) by the way who authorized your wife to be a driver and carrying all of you and thereby be destroyed?.. Your wife was never a call of God to lead prayer or control a church; you don’t know menace you have allowed your wives comitted, your wife was not a church leader; your wife was not chosen of God to control a church; you and your wife were just a molestation and a disgrace to yourselves; a church driving by woman is not constitutional.
I have heared what you said, blaming God for Coronavirus to you, but you are the cause! Because, you are doing what was not right, all you did was wrong; your wives were never chosen of God to drive a church, and you are the church she drives; where did she think she was carrying you to? Was your wife a driver that has no destination? She can’t carry you to me, because, i didn’t know her as a controller of a church, and who choose her?. And she has drive you and carry you to devil and you parished; perhaps you still survive the destruction of the devil, that’s why you are talking, that you won’t accept God; for instance, if you had perished along with your wife and others, will you be talking against God? He who survive war suppose to thank God; but you are not grateful that you didn’t perish along with others, or did you think yourself better than those that perished?… God didn’t choose you nor your wife to drive the church as vehicle.
You have judged God and you are wrong, because Saul said, you can judge angel, but Saul did not tell you to judge God; after you have drive the church against God, later your wife drive the church against God for many years, and still you find fault in God but you have to examine yourselves and ask yourself who authorise you to drive the church against God; later you said that your wife was affected at war with God, when she was driven the church against the will of God. Where was she driven the church to? Is it to God whom you have rejected?…
Jesmion, spoke to angel Gebriel on 14th April 2020 said, go and ask that evil churches said, Do they know who vibrate the sand on a stagnant? Do they know how many pillars that hold the Earth? What instrument did God used to create the Earth? Do they want the Earth to swallow all of then at a time?… The man representing church against God came to prophet Jesmion, the priest of the most highest God and said: “Are you not to make us safe and alive? … Ans: Archangel Gebriel replied the man said, Can God make you safe and alive when you are rebels and enemies of God; when you are rebels and being against God and Jesmion who would make you safe and alive?
Jesmion spoke, you are rebels; you felt you can defeat God and its family!
Archangel Gebriel expel him out of the presence of prophet Jesmion, the priest of the most highest God; because, they don’t want to be swallowed by the Earth, that was why they said to Jesmion: Are you not to make safe and alive!
Thy have pleaded that Earth should not swallow them as a whole, yet, they were expelled because they are rebels and wrong

14th April 2020



Coronavirus a big business deal of its time.
The entire populace screamed about Coronavirus.
Coronavirus had accelerated speed of Researchers; it stops business of the day; it stops formal education, excepting a bit of informal education; it stop Sunday missionary functionarity; it affect the Islamic mosque functionarity; the United Nations shed tears; the countries panics; everybody seems to be ghost of isolation.
There were possibility of wrong medical diagnosis; the World Health Organization (WHO) was aghast!
The Researchers were the hope of the world., but exception the America whose hope was in God; the leader/president of American continent, president DonaldJTrump led his continents to God for one day prayer for God’s mercy with confession as follow: “we the continent of America have been relying on God in times like this and God won the battle for us”; and the deed of president DonaldJTrump and his confession reached prophet Jesmion, the priest of the most highest God, and priest Jesmion addressed the matter of Coronavirus which president Donald Trump had ordered for one day prayer for God’s mercy; prophet Jesmion the priest of God, ask God to have mercy on them, because the people seems to have a good leader(president DonaldJTrump who knew he should call you God in time like this) and the dialogue was reached between God and prophet Jesmion the priest of the living God concerning the deeds of president DonaldJTrump in this difficulties of Coronavirus..
Prophet Jesmion the priest of the living God had appeal to God based on the application of president DonaldJTrump and his confession about God’s mercy for them ever since; he gave a day for all Americans and non America for prayers to God almighty, and by his deed prophet Jesmion the priest of the highest God dialogue with God almighty for mercy.
The business deal of the Researchers seems less, because, if not God’s mercy dialogued by prophet Jesmion the priest of the most highest God through president DonaldJTrump’s application and confession the World Health Organisation (WHO) wouldn’t have comeup with any better research result, to this date; and the United Nations wouldn’t have stop shedding tears.
Because the emergency call for life seems greater than the World Health Organization (WHO) can quickly meetup with, so, the big business deal of Corona virus seems different to Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) of president Obama regime; but president DonaldJTrump had tried and connected with God in the pandemic corona.
The business deal is that 80% of wealthy people had donated their billions of money for corona virus research and cure., but failed to appreciate God, but prophet Jesmion the priest of the most highest God had appreciated God through president DonaldJTrump’s application.

What are they going to do with the trillions of money they had donated for medical research and cure of corona?


Messiah Healing Sabbath Church – Passover festival

Prophet Jesmion said:
If you want to be like the Israelites, you got to keep with what God hath instructed them to do!

Passover festival for the year 2020, begin from approximately Nissan 15 = Wednesday 8th to 16th April 2020.
Make sure you don’t eat bread made of yeast within that period of seven to eight days;
If you want to be an Israelite, the people of God, you must follow them to do what God tells them to do.

Messiah Healing Sabbath Church