Call for Nomination for Election to the Global NGO Executive Committee 2020

The Global NGO Executive Committee, an eighteen member elected body, represents your interests as Non-governmental organizations associated with the United Nations Department of Global Communications.
The Executive Committee, which acts in an advisory and liaison capacity meets at the UN Headquarters in New York each month, in July to June to discuss matters of interest and concern to NGOs associated with the DGC/civil society unit. It is now preparing to hold its annual elections.
NGO associated with DGC are invited to nominate candidates for election as members of the Executive Committee for a period of two years (July 2020 to July 2022) Candidates for the Officer positions of (Secretary, Treasurer) and (five (5)) positions of Directors are to be elected for that two years term.
Members of the Global NGO Executive Committee serve in their personal capacity without compensation.
Effort will be made to organize meetings through eletronic means should there be elected members who do not live in the New York area.
A candidate maybe nominated by his/her own NGO associated with DGC in good standing with DGC. A candidate with endorsement from his/her NGO, may also be nominated by a representative of another MGO associated with DGC. Eligibility requirements for nominees are: (a) Membership in an NGO association with DGC
(b) Member organization must be in good standing with DGC.
(c) Nominee must have or obtain an annual UN grounds pass to the United Nations. (d) In addition to attending monthly meetings, members of the Executive Committee are expected to serve on one or more Subcommittees of the Executive Committee (bylaws; conference; development; outreach & public, finance; global regional coordinators; membership; NGO reporter; website & social media; youth & international; and should regularly attend the DGC weekly briefings (e) Nominee, if elected., serves two years term with the possibility of being elected for a second two years term (f) Each member of the Executive Committee is responsible for an annual $200 contribution to the Executive Committee.
1. Name of the proposed candidate:
2. Name of DGC associated organization:
3. Name of organzation’s president and email address:

  1. Has the organization submitted its 2018 DGC Biennial Report?
  2. Position of the candidate within the organization:
  3. Address of candidate:
  4. Telephone number of candidate (pls add country code)
  5. Email address of candidate:
  6. If the candidate and the nominator are representatives of different NGOs, has the candidate received an endorsement from his/her NGO? YES OR NO?

Vacancy positiontions on Executive Committee Sought: (a) Secretary (b) Treasurer (c) Director (5 positions)

position descriptions:
The secretary shall: prepare and distribute notifications and minute of the proceedings of all regular meetings of the Executives committee, including the annual meeting, to all voting and non voting members of the Executive Committee and to non voting participants, at least five days prior to the next regular scheduled meeting of the Executive Committee; records and report absences of voting members to the president; keep records of the meetings of the Officers; Be responsible for files of the executive committee; arrange for electronic participation of members at meetings of the Executive Committee, when necessary; and discharge other duties as assigned by the president or by the executive committee.

The Treasurer shall: manage the financial operations of the Executive Committee; send out notifications of membership fees that are due from members of the Executive Committee; make recommendations when appropriate, on the fee for membership on the Executive Committee, for its approval; received all funds collected and deposit all funds in a bank acount established by the executive committee, which shall require his/her sign, or signature of either the president or the secretary, for withdrawals by check from the account; seek approval from either the president or the secretary for payment of expenditures in excess of two hundred dollar($200); in this connection, should either the president or secretary sign check for pay of expentures in excess of $200, prior approval would also be sought from of the other two officers; present expenditures of $1,000 or more to the Executive Committee for approval; keep itemize report of all receipts and expenditure in a permanent file; prepare and present written reports of receipts and expenditures at regularly scheduled meetings of the Executive committee, to be supported by relevant monthly bank statements which will be shared with the Finance and budget subcommittee; serve as an ex officio member of the Finance and Budget committee and, in consultation with its members and president of the Executive committee, prepare the annual budget of the Executive committee for its approval by 30 November, etc

Director: are voting members and support officers etc