They threatened prophet Jesmion’s life; ha ji prophet jesmion gba abia; su na mai da rai na prophet jesmion abum wasa!

Today 23rd March 2020,
i called on my wife for a good condition and welfare, she was very interested to know about my good condition in Uruagu Umudioka about (COVID-19), I told her that such has not yet been identified at Umudioka locality; perhaps, hospital can identify such quickly, because the sufferer of such may not like any to know except hospital; then she told me that the virus seems to be a punishment for sin, and that she has been seriously praying for God’s mercy!
I prophet Jesmion said to her, you might be praying but many are spoiling your prayers, except God destroyed such people that provokes God, without which your prayer for God’s mercy over coronavirus will not work; except the enemies of God are destroyed, those enemies who think that God is stupid for chosen prophet Jesmion; God is angry against them; except they are destroyed, God will not hear your prayers of mercy for them over Coronavirus!
(ha ji prophet Jesmion we gba abia, so that God and its angels ge ji ha we gba abia); they threaten prophet Jesmion’s life, and God and its angels are threatening their lives
(su mai da rai na prophet Jesmion abum wasa da abum daria,
sabada haka, Ubangiji da malaikan she ya na ci uban su da uwa su!)
Ubangiji has come by the spirit of prophet Jesmion and ate their Uban su da Uwan su, Ubangiji, babu she da da-wa; it came in the spirit of prophet Jesmion, 25/03/2020 with the malaikan sa, to accomplish the words of prophet Jesmion; no other prophet shall be sent to fulfil the words of prophet Jesmion, because his words are accomplished immediately by God the almighty and its angels!
Somebody has tried to challenge Ubangiji as it came by the spirit of prophet Jesmion, the somebody shouted on Ubangiji, say you have eaten Uban su da Uwa su too much! And Ubangiji gave that somebody a hot slap, but didn’t kill him, but Ubangiji in the spirit of prophet Jesmion made one it give hot slap to join eat Uba su, da Uwa su, as prophet Jesmion hath said.
Prophet Jesmion said (chineke na ndi mozi ya ga eji he gba abia n’ihi na ha jiri prophet Jesmion we gba abia) but the one whom Ubangiji slap, wanted Ubangiji to leave the work for the angels of Ubangiji to deal with them, well, Ubangiji leave the iji ha gba abia for the angels as pleaded by Mikel. But Ubangiji is not at wrong, because, prophet Jesmion said that (Ubangiji and its angels sai ci uba su da uwa su) so you can see that Ubangiji is involved in the “ci uba su da uwa su!” After Ubangiji has given Mikel a hot slap, then, it allow only the angels (su ci uba su da uwa su) hence they say the Ubangiji ya riga ci mai ye wa.
He Mikel after Ubangiji had gaven him a hot slap but didn’t want him to die, it allow him to join angels ci uba su da uwa su, just as prophet Jesmion said!
Uncountable angels of Elohim camedown against them that threatens the life of prophet Jesmion; the angels don’t want Ubangiji and Jesmion to join them in the fight, let God leave the fight for its angels to threaten them as they had threatened prophet Jesmion! And it was granted the angels to threaten the world as they had threatened prophet Jesmion!