Messiah Healing Sabbath Church

The evil that some do made them began to penetrate to the family of God through other source; but i Jesmion knew in several ways that the relationship were there, and that it is not good to make trouble with any. But they tends to stiring trouble with prophet Jesmion; although, God spoke through Jesmion to their hearing said: By the time they will touch the wife of Jesmion they must die, to show them that Jesmion is the prophet and priest of the living God!
Upon hearing God through i Jesmion, and my wife’s support of God’s word, telling them the word of God through i prophet Jesmion is truthful, they tend to ignore and challenge the wife of prophet Jesmion, and they grouped against God’s family and they failed.
Blessing testified that they had taken another route and sent another to fight the wife of the prophet as to say why did she talk/support prophet Jesmion?, they did it in another way to evade deaths; but sincerely, they fall between parlour entrance and christian room in Ibekwe compound. (enwe aka of Ogbunike whom they consulted against prophet Jesmion didn’t save them) although, it fought for them, but fall, prophet Jesmion fall it! But truly it have hands, but why do they call it (No hand, enwe-aka?) where as it have hands, in the fight in Ibekwe compound, i prophet Jesmion and Enwe-aka fought on bare hand, and Enweaka fall between Ibekwe parlour entrance and Christian room. The fight was terrible using bare hand, they are telling lies of Enwe-aka, because, it have hands, only that it too long!
No one can trick God, by taken another way against God instead of obeying prophet Jesmion. They failed because word of prophet Jesmion is the words of God., i mean that God speaks by Jesmion as if prophet Jesmion himself is God..
Example, going round by another source is still you (tobacco smokers) that stires quarrel against prophet Jesmion, and it seems you can’t rest unless you are dead, Jesmion , that’s mean you must die as God has spoken through i prophet Jesmion.

I prophet Jesmion had preach a person in Uruagu Umudioka said: ” you smoke too much cigarette, and smoking is dangerious; you have pass the age to all these evils you are doing, and you are no more a young guy to be doing all these things; upon hearing me , he stopped smoking for some times and after i have spoken to him; but maybe his follower had engineered him to keep on smoking and he had continue smoking along with his smoking supporters, iam not happy for the death of sinners but for their repentance, but you refuse to take my words and been against me instead, you took another way against me and failed like every others.
You would want to asked why does the talk concern Blessing and her mother? Ans? Because Blessing and her mother are a registered Nurse about World Health Organization (WHO) Laws of smoking, on how dangerous is cigarette smoking! So, Blessing and her mother fight cigarette smoking along with i prophet Jesmion; and together i prophet Jesmion and these two registered Nurse”Blessing and her mother conquered cigarette smoking because WHO say it’s dangerous to health!
Remember that tobacco smoking make ‘coronavirus COVID-19 to kill a smoker instantly’

How would you rate Prophet Jesmion in his preaching to smokers?
(1) excellent preaching?
(2) no! Jesmion preach smokers in the presence of his wife and smoker’s wife supported prophet Jesmion?
(3) no! Smokers didn’t react against prophet Jesmion but stop smoking?
(4) no! The smokers may have pick offence that i prophet Jesmion preach him to stop smoking in the presence of their women?
Jesmion said: if you are not a christian, which company or group do you belong? Example, iam a sabbath-church, which group do you belong? Better dialogue with your girl, she can be your group today/tomorrow!
Group can’t take you to heaven, christianity doesn’t mean God, but you can be justified by doing what God instructed. God can justify you by what you do, is not by group!
There is a man in Uruagu Umudioka, who was justified not by christian society he has been but because he hates abominations! Some persons may think because the man is (Nze na Ozo titled) that made him hate abomination; but if (Nze na Ozo) was justified because he hates lawlessness and abomintion, ‘why is christians and moslems wasting their times in lawless loves and abomination? .. That mean that Augustine Onyejegbu of Uruagu Umudioka has been justified and the angels working for him? Yes! We the angels work for him, he accepted i Jesmion and other angels as i have seen in spirit….
I have spiritually spoken to those who eat food of priest Jesmion to stop doing so, because Jesmion is (Onye Nchuaja nke Chineke) don’t interfere with anything offered to him or to God through him, don’t test it, keep it for Jesmion the Onye-Nchuaja Nke Chineke lest you die sinful death!
Jesmion, good Leader of God!