We are born to live and praise/thank God

We are born to live and thank God, what is all these troubles!
I pray that the Biafra activists would peacefully acquire freedom for Biafrans by peaceful resolution, just as it’s that after 25 years of end of war then Biafra is Independent nation (after 25 year of war)
i Jesmion believe the world knew about this facts; so Biafra don’t need to fight with Nigeria again to acquire freedom; but should report any maltreatment of Nigeria to the United Nations Organisation (UNO). Because UN would know that after a stipulated years of the end of war, the defeated one would be Independent, i mean that Biafra would be Independent nation without firing a gun about it., or making a long protest; but, i regret that Nigeria doesn’t yet have a good leader and understandable government, if they had they would have given Biafra a certified certification of Independent; immediately after the stipulated years, without waiting for long protest to aviod waster of economy, because, the Independence is the Biafra due right.
Any delay of Nigeria government giving freedom to Biafra is amounting to economic waste and inflation and mismangagement said Jesmion!

By Biafra News Feed

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