Taiwo David Fadiora said, biafra did not start the war but nigeria government did. Jesmion said, truly ojukwu thought it was civil war but before he knew it was international war, it has been late!

Biafra did not start the war; the first shot was fired by Nigeria government from the Benue hills.

I blamed Ojukwu for not engaged with Russia early when he had the chance and turn the war into British vs Russia that would engulf the entire country.
Unfortunately, for those, on Biafra side.

Ojukwu grewup in the North and he protected the Northern interest by leading Biafra with soft side for the enemies.

Gowon lead Nigeria with steel/iron mind against Biafra; and Gowon had secured all the help he needed from the British, Egypt, Russia, and all the Arab world.

Ojukwu and his team actually lost the war before it started., if i were Ojukwu, there i would have engaged Russia early in the game and if it had to cede80% of the oil to them for 30 to 100 years, i would have done it.

Gowon did his part while Ojukwu did not; and he did not listen to any advise too.

Jesmion said:
Truly, Ojukwu thought it was a civil war; but before he knew it was international war, it has been late, and still yet he tried his possible best; although, he didn’t kill Nigerians as such! He always send them back, he was on the defensive, he only fought with Nigeria government’s mercenarians till the end of the war! (Nigeria mercenaries were too plenty, as such Ojukwu has to fight plenty wars)

Ojukwu tried and fought the Nigeria mercenaries and even conquered them, but only that the Nigeria mercenaries were numerous, mainly from Egypt, Europes, Arab world etc., and Ojukwu, after he had defeated the Nigeria mercenaries, Nigerian government seems being fond of engaging other continent’s mercenaries against Biafra, and Biafra continued defeating all of the Nigeria mercenaries.

Biafra focus on Nigeria mercenaries and always send Nigerians whom Gowon had forced into the army back to Nigeria whenever Biafra capture them; but Biafra only fight Nigeria mercenaries when they came against Biafra, and not mainly Nigerians; Ojukwu always send back Nigerians whom Gowon had forced into the army to fight Biafra; Ojukwu send them back to Gowon of Nigeria!

So, Ojukwu is a Lincoln army graduate, a historian; he knew laws of war and he didn’t commit/violate war laws; it’s not mainly because he grew in the Northern Nigeria that made him spare Nigerians, but because, he was army graduate and a historian; he knew laws about wars, that was reasons he sent the captured Nigerians back to Gowon of Nigeria.

Ojukwu will be the last person to kill students which Gowon push into the war front!
Nigeria government had insulted the Biafra government by pushing/forced students and premature army into Nigeria military to fight Biafra; if Nigeria mercenaries have finished, let Nigeria tell Biafra government, but let them stop forcin students/underaged into the war front!

Ojukwu don’t want to continue destroying lives and properties, for that reason he end the war to go into Legal method of Biafra self-determination after 25 years of the end of war according to law!

And he end the war to go into Legal method of Biafra self-determination after 25 years of the end of war, according to laws!

The Nigeria government violated Biafra’s due Legal procedure by killed the peaceful protesters, detained many Biafrans in their due right and imposed a heavy fine before they can release the Biafran detained!

All these were heavenly offence committed by Nigeria government ( over detention is a heavenly offence; imposing fine to somebody that had been over detained is extra wickedness and God extra hate such!
Killing is a breaking of God’s laws.
So, Nigeria government has broken all these laws of God as they were against Biafra!
But, Biafra is free because it’s Biafra’s due right of Independence.
God don’t blame Biafra for now, it’s Nigeria government that God blame, because, it’s Biafra due right as Independent nation!


We are born to live and praise/thank God

We are born to live and thank God, what is all these troubles!
I pray that the Biafra activists would peacefully acquire freedom for Biafrans by peaceful resolution, just as it’s that after 25 years of end of war then Biafra is Independent nation (after 25 year of war)
i Jesmion believe the world knew about this facts; so Biafra don’t need to fight with Nigeria again to acquire freedom; but should report any maltreatment of Nigeria to the United Nations Organisation (UNO). Because UN would know that after a stipulated years of the end of war, the defeated one would be Independent, i mean that Biafra would be Independent nation without firing a gun about it., or making a long protest; but, i regret that Nigeria doesn’t yet have a good leader and understandable government, if they had they would have given Biafra a certified certification of Independent; immediately after the stipulated years, without waiting for long protest to aviod waster of economy, because, the Independence is the Biafra due right.
Any delay of Nigeria government giving freedom to Biafra is amounting to economic waste and inflation and mismangagement said Jesmion!