Jesmion feared God angels of the living God encircle Jesmion

Yes, Jesmion feared God which made the angels of the living God encircled round him!
The angels of God encircled round about prophet Jesmion as prophet Jesmion lay naked on the floor of a room of prayer at around 4 am, on approximately 25 February 2020; the angels spoke to i Jesmion said, we encircle you but cannot touch you because you are not wearing any cloth.
Jesmion has prayed to God said, please, Iam who Iam, kindly cloth me forever; i prefer your clothing; because your clothing is forever!
And God had clothed i Jesmion with the holy prayer robes that have small small golden bells on the hems of i Jesmion’s prayer garments/robes on the night of 7/8 March 2020, and on the morning of 8th March 2020 after i Jesmion had finished conduction of prayer in #mhsc that lasted more than 2 hours, from 4.50 am to 6.55 am, then i remembered that God had clothed i Jesmion forever, just as i had pleaded God, then i shed tears in my prayer of thanksgiving to God almighty at the alter of God in Messiah Healing Sabbath Church (mhsc).
I mixed cries with my prayer of thanksgiving to God almighty; because i didn’t knew that God could cloth me as its priest forever.
How much God loves i Jesmion is incomparable and my cries to God while giving God thanks for clothing me forever is a cry of surprise about God’s excellent love and care to i Jesmion.
Kindly give God a double hands of applause!
Yet, i Jesmion had found my prayer garment and wear it that time; because the words of the angels of God is truthful; because the angels that encircles i Jesmion talks about physical clothing and not spiritual cloth; because i Great Lord Jesmion is not naked in spirit; beside, the angels doesn’t mean spiritual clothing as i prophet Jesmion hath prayed God to cloth me forever about.
Perhaps, God will do both for me!
Yes, truly, Elohim did both for i Jesmion, on the 7th March 2020.

Truly, i Jesmion had off all my cloths and lay naked on the floor of prayer room, and after 6 am, 25, Feb 2020, i could find where i throw both my under wears and other wears and i wear it. (psalm 34:7)
Jesmion promised to be careful:
Henceforth, i prophet Jesmion would be careful to avoid such a things which the angels of the living God doesn’t like. This mean that i will endeavor to be wearing cloths!
Because, to angels of the living God, if you wear cloth they will see you are wearing cloths and if you are naked they will see you not wearing cloths; if you wear only under wear on your body, that is how they will see you, they cannot say you are naked when you are wearing cloth on your physical body, because they are the angels of the true God!
Although, the scripture said, that all things are naked at God sight doesn’t mean that you are naked when you are wearing cloths, but the scripture simply mean that, God knows all things; God knows everythings, doesn’t mean you are naked at God’s presence; Mind you that if you are naked and not wearing any cloths God knows; and if you are wearing cloths God also knows; God cannot regard you as not wearing cloths where as you are wearing cloths; because God is Truthful!


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