Civil Society Unit Department of Global Communications United Nations close down till further notice due to COVID-19 coronavirus out break.

Dear Coleagues,
Out of an abundance of caution and as a preventive measure amidst the current coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak, it has been decided to close the United Nations headquarters to the general public and to temporaly suspend all guided tours, until further notice.
In attempt to slow the spread of the COVID-19) Coronavirus, classrooms have been shuttered across the world, causing a record numbers of students to miss schools; the UN Educational, Scientific and cultural organisation said on Tuesday 10, 2020.

Jesmion said:
The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom; there is nothing God cannot cure/heal.
There is no problem God cannot resolve, but does people and their leaders agree with God or does the people and their leaders disagrees with God?
Example, God tells all people to keep sabbathday (seventhday of the week), but they prefer to keep Sunday (firstday of the week), instead of what God tells them; that’s mean that the people and their leaders are not in good order/terms or at peace with God, or what would you have to say about Jesmion’s facts?…
Jesmion said:
you have been advised and cautioned about coronavirus; i Jesmion say to you, whenever you feel “fever, cough, headache, chest pains, hardbreathing” quickly consult Jesmion the man of God for prayers; you can reach Jesmion on, Tel: +2348082363605 +2348098177337 +2348036305824

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