Great lord Jesmion is a name coined for Jesmion by God of host in spirit and in truth

Great lord Jesmion is a name coined to Jesmion Chikwudi Ibekwe by the God of host in spirit and in truth
The man Jesmion whom God called ‘great lord Jesmion’ was firstly chosen by the prophets and adopted by the whole sabbath church as the winner of sabbath church prayer conduction, an auxiliarian for approximately several years; and was ‘anointed apostle’ in 1983.
After Jesmion’s anointment, the holyspirit spoke to Jesmion said: Welcome Jesmion, the kingdom of God is belonging to you!
Jesmion spent more full training after he was anointed by the prophet; he spent more full three years; during Jesmion’s full training, God sent its commander incharge of its angels which appeared to i Jesmion as a pure white candle light at the angel’s field, and automatically became an army general of the God’s angels and walked into the temple after it hath off its footwears, and walked directly to i Jesmion in the temple and automatically became a prayerman, holding a Rod sceptre on its right hand, he prayed for i Jesmion holding the golden Rod sceptre; it asked me about Prophet Emma Nwanne; i told him that Emma Nwanne was residing/lodges in the town, and it started praying for me again and again; after the general of the angels hath finished praying for me, and as i travel and went to Nwude Anaekwe sabbath church room at Uruagu Umudioka to spend sabbathday in the sabbath church of a room in Anaekwe compound. Nwude prophesied loudly before all people there, said to i Jesmion, that power had been directly given to you Jesmion from the heaven above, it’s a Golden Rod sceptre of round head; receive it, and as i Jesmion have received the heavenly power.
After receiving the golden Rod sceptre with thanks, the God of host appeared and spoke to me said “prophet to the nations!”
And Christ spoke to me just after God had spoken to me and called me “prophet to the nations” said: Don’t worry about food you need to eat and cloths to wear, and your journey!
Look at the birds of the air, they neither toil nor spin but your heavenly Father feeds them, why worry about Clothing, look at the flowers of the field, even Solomon with all his glories were not array like any of these flowers etc!
To cut messages short, i spent more than 21 years in my evangelical touring, before i Jesmion was auhorise and granted a parish by prophet Emma Nwanne who anointed me; “he said to i Jesmion, go to that your area and build a place of prayer and start praying there; i Jesmion did what he said, i went and clear the portion and build a room of prayer and praying there, including praying for any who come and need my prayers, just after more than 21 years of my preachings and prayers from Street to street, town to town, vilage to vilages and later i connect to electronic evangelism, that was when i connect with the whole world; all of the learned of the world appreciate i Jesmion and Elohim/God which trained me and sent me working for him/GOD or rather God working through i Jesmion!
At the East entrance bench where prophet Emma Nwanne had stood and Blessed i Jesmion with a continual blessings was where the general of God’s angels stood and praying for me and had asked of Emma, to remind i Jesmion that the blessings of prophet Emma Nwanne for me is a continual blessings.
This is how prophet Emma Nwanne had blessed i Jesmion with the blessing from the holyscripture said/while in the temple house of prayer: “Jesmion, you are faithful/trustworthy/excellent, even faithful for little things; therefore, you are lifted to the highest height” (Mtt 25:21-23)

Would you give a double hands of applause to the God of Jesmion! …


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