Biafranedu an online Educator

In 1966 was when Nigeria authority evicted Biafra Indigenous People and in 1967 Nigeria government declared war against Biafra.

Biafranedu was born after 1970.
Biafranedu is a short form of Biafra Ministry of Education (BME) online.

Biafra education is an open online structured for a varieties of imput; it is strategically a mean for enlightenment and public notation, including participant’s inclination towards every matter: Every matter that could attracts physical and theories of things.

Biafranedu was born during Biafrans hard times; during when the Biafrans had been mercilessly killed, tortured, and imprisoned etc by the Nigeria government, following the Biafran’s freedom, agitation for Biafra’s self-determination campaign.

Biafranedu became an online Educator on morality to advise Biafrans never to go into second war with Nigeria, just to respect the United Nations whose agenda is to stop war and violence all over the universe; just as God itself hath scheduled.
I prophet Jesmion, loves the Biafrans because they withdrew from buying arms and missiles after hearing me.

Sometimes as the Biafrans raiseup their missiles, to shoot missile due to Nigeria government’s continual killings, torturing and detaining of Biafra Indigenous people unlawfully; i priest Jesmion told the Biafrans said, don’t shoot! And they obeyed i Prophet Jesmion, and they withdrew their arms. I love Biafra for that obedience; Unlike Nigeria government which unlawfully and stupidly raised arms and shoot, killed scores of Biafra Indigenous People in their peaceful freedom demonstration all over the Biafra land.

The Biafranedu had stopped the Biafrans from expelling Nigeria foreigners in Biafra land, these happen during when Nigeria gave all Biafrans a fixed date to quit and vacate Nigeria land else, all would be dead in Nigeria within the next hours.
I prophet Jesmion said to Biafrans, don’t retaliate, just keep calm, and Biafrans obeyed i prophet Jesmion, eventhough, they still complained to me the reasons, according to Biafrans; that they had no intention to expel any Nigeria foreigner living in Biafran land, but that the Nigerian foreigners in Biafra cameout as a whole and joined Buhari government armed forces to mock the Biafrans on Nigeria so called “operation python dance” on Nigeria display of armoured tanks, machine guns and several other weapons displayed against Biafra Indigenous People.
But the Biafrans are right because it’s unfair for foreigners joining Nigeria army against Biafra in Biafra land; however, i stopped them from continuing the expulsion; it’s Buhari’s maladministration and wrong initiatives, which made him felt he could frighten Biafrans with Nigeria army armourd display called “operation python dance”
Buhari government thought that it was because they had killed scores of Biafrans, torture many, imprison many and put heavy fine to release the ones they had wrongly over detained, might make Biafra giveup from their freedom project; but it isn’t the way they felt; it’s i Jesmion the prophet of the most high God that Biafra had obeyed and not Nigeria government’s genocide, suppressive tricks, violated suppression and Human Rights violation etc!

Biafranedu has found an online course base on moral education from outside the wall of universities; this is to consolidate with the rightminded Biafrans and the rest of the world at large that eschew marginalisation and Human Rights violation.

How would you rate Biafranedu and Nigeria government:
(1) Nigeria government felt they can stop Biafra freedom project by:
(a) killed Biafrans? (b) tortured Biafrans? (c) detained Biafrans (d) unlawfully over detained Biafrans and place a heavy fine on the release of the over detained Biafrans? ‘ (2) Biafranedu was obeyed by the Biafrans because (a) it tell the Biafrans the correct things to do etc?

By Biafra News Feed

Welcome to (BNF) - Biafra News Feed, its all about you and i with global awareness.

Biafra news feed welcomes every person's opinions and ideas, sometime story of event and current information, everyperson has right to edit a resourceful happening or a story of an event

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