God came down the earth, controlled escalating destruction

I Jesmion in spirit came at an area where people go to a prophet for consultation and cure, but as the prophet saw me around, he ordered and introduced people he had cured to me to bring the pure oil and bread for me, and they did, and as i want to go, the prophet say i shouldn’t go, that i should not go because of that, the works had not finished, and i agree and stay around untill he finished , he then, introduced all the people he had cured to go to i Jesmion and give thanks for what God had done for them’ and the people did, they came offer gift and praise God of heaven with me, as the people go and after giving thanks to me and to God of heaven, i decided to carry the thanks offering to a holy place, but i said, o! No that i need to go and appreciate the prophet who had ordered these to be brought to me, and as i entered and sit with (God of heaven) and discussing with him, i told him that i had cured many by just a touch of my hand and words of my mouth,but no one give thanks! but God of heaven said to i Jesmion, “that was reasons i had ordered them to bring all those thanksgiving to you, because no one had given you thanks! That you should have stay in Lagos” and after the God of heaven had finished speaking, there arose fight of (aruru takwolu idide and idide takwolu aruru) but the God of heaven didn’t allow any snake and dogs to enter the portion where i Jesmion is staying with the God of heaven, but what i Jesmion saw was terrible, because snakes and dogs runs for their lives, it made me run into the inner room because the destruction shakes the foundation of the earth.
There at the entrance i look at the God of heaven and how he controlled the destruction, and he controlled the lawlessness and things began to move normal.
The lawlessness were not those he had cured that gave God thanks through i Jesmion to the God of heaven, but the snakes, dogs, lions tigers etc, he control them just as the angel controlled the lawlessness of Sodom to save Lot and his family
Formally, God said that it would destroyed the world, and i Jesmion, appealed and appease God and God said it hath heard my prayer; but this time, Christ still speaks to i Jesmion to tell Sabbathus that he will destroy his enemies and the world, because people have increased upto 99% in evil doing instead of reducing evil doing; and that those Sabbathus enemies must be destroyed, i Jesmion already delivered Christ message to Sabbathus as Christ told me, and that he hath sent two angels to destroy the world!
But the lawless destructions are that, people destroyed themselves; it’s not Christ or God that destroy the people; the people destroy themselves, just as if Sodom. But people destroyed themselves, but God of heaven control them using its toes; i Jesmion was sitting with God of Heaven as God controlled the destructions, only that i ran inside inner room and from there watching how God controls the world because it was terrible the lawless and destruction made me afraid and i Jesmion ran inside and God came down from where i and him had been sitting and controlled the destruction using its toes; i mean (that i Jesmion and God change position in same house, i Jesmion was standing at the door at the back of God at the inner room seeing what God has done) only God controlled the whole destructions, which Christ spoke to i Jesmion about.
This time the angels sent by Christ will destroy enemies of Sabbathus! 8th February 2020.

Jesmion, why did God of heavens say that you would be in Lagos? … Ans: that would be where God of heaven have prepare a place for me to run on two choices, and be save; but i ran in the inner room of the house of God of heaven and standing at the back of God of heaven; just as Lot had ran from Sodom to Zoar (Genesis 19:23) had God of heaven didn’t control the destruction; but Lot had been given two options to run to the hill or to Zoar; to i Jesmion i chose to stay with God of heaven, and i ran to the inner room of God of heaven, instead of running to Lagos; i was at the enterance of the holy of holies at the back of God of heaven as God control the destruction of the world!
Jesmion, why the scripture say that footprint of God is not seen/known and now God controlled the earth with his toes (psalm 77:19)? .. Ans: the scripture talks of God in the great water but i Jesmion talks of God’s legs and toes on the land/earth, as God came down on the land he has legs and uses the toe of his legs and controlled the whole destructions on earth surface!

On 18th February 2020, God ascended to heaven, and we the unbeatables angels of God were staying by and an angel of God among us spokeup when God was passing said: God is good at doing good, and runs from wrong participation. I Jesmion was there with the unbeatable angels of God, as i saw God moving and it knew i Jesmion was there with the angels


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