Democrat senator doesn’t care about Legal or constitutional

The Democrat Sen. Mazie Hirono (D-HI) has blasted president Donald Trump’s legal defense during the Senate impeachment trial, declaring she doesn’t care about his legal or constitution argument.
In a disturbing rant during an interview with MSNBC the Hawaii senator appeared to warn Trump that Democrats will continue to pursue the president, whether he act legally and within the constitution or not.
I don’t care what kind of nice, little, legal, constitutional defenses that they cameup with, senator Hirono declared.
Hirono’s comments come in response to the 51-49 vote in the senate on Friday 31st Jan 2020, meaning, Democrats attemps to prolong the impeachment trial, by calling for new witnesses and documents, were voted down.
A video of Hirono’s remarks was shared on Twitter by Republican National Committee (RNC) chairman Rona McDaniel.
Jesmion, what have you discovered in this political conflict? …ans: It’s clearly evidence that the Democrats are a political enemie of president Donal Trump, they are not with President Donald Trump as early vowed. but rather they are the opposition, the Democrats are the Islamic sect against president Trump; it’s a good idea that US ban the permanent visas, even though that they can still use the temporary visas against American legal constitutions; because, Democrat is madeup of moslems against Donald Trump, but the visa ban have not fully help the Islams to dominate the whole America, but they can still use the temporal visas to vote against the true American!

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