UK finally leaves EU

The prime Minister Boris Johnson hailed an “astonishing moment” as Britain formally left the European Union EU after 47 years on friday 31st Jan. 2020, saying, his government had obeyed the people who voted for Brexit in a 2016 referendum.
For many people this is an astonishing moment of hope, a moment they thought would never come, Johnson said in a recorded speech.
The speech was broadcast via his Facebook account one hour before Brexit become official at 11 pm (2300 GMT) or midnight in Brussels.
There are many of course who feel a sense of anxiety and loss, Johnson added.
Then, of course there is a third group – perhaps the biggest – who had started to worry that the whole political wrangle would never come to an end.
We have obeyed the people who voted for Brexit in a 2016 referendum he said. Adding: We have taken back the tools of ‘self- government.
Johnson and the European Union’s top officials earlier pointed to new opportunities ahead after Brexit.
Thousands of eurosceptic gathered to celebrate Brexit Day in London and other cities, rivalled by smaller groups of pro-EU activist7 in some areas. But most British people were not expected to mark the date.
A light show and other events organised by Johnson’s conservative government at Downing Street was outshone by a nearby Brexit celebration: Countdown to freedom event fronted by veteran eurosceptic and Brexit party leader Nigel Farage in London’s parliament square.
In Brussel ealier, European commission president Ursula Vonder Leyen, European council president Charles Michel and European parliament president David Sassoli said (saturday would mark a new dawn for Europe. The bloc’s remaining 27 member states will continue to join forces and build a common future, they wrote in an oped for several European newspapers.
Leaders across Europe expressed similar sentiments.
German Chancellor Angela Merkel said, Brexit was a deep cut for us all, but underlined that the remaining EU members would continue to do everything necessary to move forward.
Brexit is a historic alarm signal that must sound in all our countries, that must be heared by all of Europe and make us reflect French president Emmanuel Macron said. Jesmion, what would you have to say about Brexit? .. Iam Jesmion; Union is never a bondage; partnership is never forceful! Example, Jesus said to the 72 persons who rejected following him, you are free to go! Also said to the other twlve persons you are free to leave if you feel leaving; iam not alone, iam with God my father! So, Britain has right to leave; unlike stupid Nigeria government who kills Biafrans simply because they login for freedom and campaign for freedom; apart from civil war killing , Nigeria government stupidly kills the civillians in their peaceful freedom campaign!


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