be trained and wait for God approval

Many would want to pray to God as a sabbath man (emulation), and some would want to shift from sunday to sabbath day!
Can a blacksmith beat unriped iron? .. A blackmith can expand iron when he put it in fire and heat the iron to expand it when it is done!
You feel you can pray like a sabbath man or make your sunday mission to be a sabbathday church, that’s mean you would under go sabbath church training for God’s approval, you have been a sunday mission pastor and you want to be a sabbath church pastor, you need to go training for Gods’ approval.
Perhaps, God and its angels will confirm you when your training is ok!


By Biafra News Feed

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Biafra news feed welcomes every person's opinions and ideas, sometime story of event and current information, everyperson has right to edit a resourceful happening or a story of an event

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