We need peaceful man like president DonaldTrump to help palestinian’s self-determination.
But the palestinian’s capital can’t be nearing Jerusalem.
They should find another location for the palestinian capital!
I know that words of God is from Jerusalem and salvation is from the Jews.
So, it is not good for the rebel to have their capital near Jerusalem, to avoid pollution of dedication.
The rebel believe God through Muhammed, but the fact is that (no foundation should any one lay than already layed foundation, except you build on it with carefulness).
So, palestinian rebel the true already laydown foundation, and rejected building on the true foundation, and has Muhammed as their own foundation. So, their capital can’t near Jerusalem; Because they are a different foundation of rebelous sect.
Muhammed is not a laydown foundation, although, he learned from the Jews, but his followers has been rebelous, and seems to be against the true laydown foundation of God; tend to forgot howmuch the Jews had suffered for their survival, helping Muhammed to conquere the ungodliness of Mecca etc, because Muhammed learned from the Jews, about one God, but Muhammed’s followers seems to be stiring quarrel against their Teacher? (confidentially)

By Biafra News Feed

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