Greeting you in God’s name!
The impeachment “insult” inflicted on Trump. Does the impeachment not have eyes to see and ears to hear? …
I Jesmion believe that Trump has not “abuse power nor prevent congress”; because he has right to defend himself as he was taken to court.
According to Human Right, Trump has human right to reach his friends, so, talking to the Ukrainian president on phone is not any “abuse of power” it is a common freedom of speech! (we never have a constitution that forbid phone call or message, as there is content of impeacement in the constitution, you need to check whether there is content of phone call in the constitution before writing your two impeachment articles)
The Democrats have violated and abused Trump’s human rights by their probes or impeachment (they seems to be criminals) probing the privacy of a man seems unlawful (criminal act); beside, the conversation of Trump on phone call is personal; example, many a time i Jesmion call Trump on phone , but he has a busy line; perhaps, not actual time to call him, if not he would have responded to me for just a chat or discussion.
The probe against Trump’s privacy seems unlawful and criminal acts.
Trump’s speech on phone with his co-president is personal chat, and it’s freedom of speech! There is no phone calls constitution, so Trump have right to call, and somebody have right to call on him, but if you have a policy in the office about phone call, that is a policy, and not a constitutionality, and a policy cannot attract impeachment but a constitutional law can attract impeachment, and phone call is never a constitutional law of a country)