The impeachment trial of DonaldTrump the 45th and incubent president of the United states began in the United states senates on January 16th 2020, and is currently ongoing. It is the result of impeachment of president Trump by the US house of representative on Dec. 18th 2019, following an inquiry state that lasted from September to November 2019. The house passed two articles of impeachment, charging him with (abuse of power and obstruction of congress).
Chief Justice John Roberts presides over the impeachment trials of DonaldTrump.
The prosecution opening argument were held betweem January 22-24 and those of the defense began on January 25, these are expected to continue untill January 28th, followed 16 hours of debate and a vote in whether to consider “subpoana” for documents or witnesses not covered by the house investigation (a two third majority is required to convict the president).
The possible penalty for convictions the removal from office or disqualification from holding office in the future; these would likely be voted on separately.

Cause: (allegations that Trump sought help from Ukrainian authorities to favor him in the 2020 US presidential election). After the emergence of Trump’s phone call with Ukrainian president Voldymyr Zelesky. House leadership came to the conclusion that impeachment might be necessary, and began an inquiry. As this was happening, senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnel was quietly planning a possible trial. On October 8, 2019, he led a meeting on the subject, advising the Republican senator to craft their response according to their own political needs. McConnell proposed two potential avenues: state opposition to the House process, or refuse to comment due to being potential ‘jurors’