United Nations lend megaphone to Buhari of Nigeria

UN lend megaphone to Nigeria genocide.
The United Nations will live in infamy for lending its megaphone on Tuesday, september 19th 2017 to Nigeria’s elected military dictator Muhammadu Buhari.
The Hausa fulani Muslim orchestrating genocide as defined by the Genocide convention against Nigeria’s 50 million Igbo people because of their ethnicity and unwavering devotion to Christianity. Buhari’s genocide marks the culmination of a long train of Biafran subjugation by radical Hausa Fulani Islamic terrorists. The dictator’s power is anchored to an illegitimate constitution decree by a military dictator in 1999 to hold the Christian Biafran people in bondage to Hausa Fulani Muslims. Nigeria’s constitution has never been approved by Nigerians.
Last june, Buhari tactily endorsed a Hausa Fulani threat to expel by force and violence and to plunder 11 million Igbos in twelve norther nigerian states that have adopted sharia as their legal codes if they didnot abandon their Igbo homes and businesses by October 1st 2017 During the past few years in northern nigeria. Hausa Fulani terrorists have destroydd thousands of churches and religious schools and displaced millions of Christian Biafrans. Hundreds of innocent civilians have died and more have been injured or terrorized by Nigeria’s military acting under Buhari’s direction in the last week alone.
A courageous and influntial Biafran leader, Nnamdi Kanu, has his home attacked and quarantined by Nigerian’s armed forces and his followers killed. Gisly video and photos taken at scenes of the harrowing crimes are conclusive. What they proved amounts to state terrorism-the systematic employment of violence to intimidate or coerce a civilian population.
Instead of providing Buhari a megaphone, the United Nations should be expelling Nigeria from membership under article 6 of the United Nations charter. The United Nations security council (UNSC) should be referring the dictator and his henchmen like the army chief Lt. Gen Tukur Yusuf Buratai to the chief prosecutor of the International criminal court, Fatou Bensouda, to investigate for complicity in genocide.
The UNSC should also be imposing an arms embargo on Nigeria under chapter vii of the United Nations charter until the right of the Biafran people to self-determination is secured through a free and fair referendum conducted by the United Nations Electoral Unit. At present dictator Buhari is diverting arms purchased for ostensible use against Boko Haram, an international terrorist organization, to the terrorising of the Biafran christians. Buhari has no interest in defeating Boko Haram because its threats triggers military and financial assistance from the United states in its global war on terrorism. These sanction against Nigeria would honour twin objectives of the United Nations (1) to establish condition under which justice and respect for the obligations arising from treaties and other sources of the international law can be maintained and (2) promoting and encouraging respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms for all without distinction as to ..religion.
The genocide of Biafrans is not a domestic matter within the exclusive jurisdiction of Nigeria.
Genocide is a crime against all of mankind which concern every country. Moreover if dictator Buhari is permitted to kill and enslave christian Biafrans with impunity, Nigeria could degenerate into Hausa Fulani Islamic theocracy and could become a state sponsor of terrorism, Nigeria’s example would embolden the persecution of christions elsewhere.
Nigeria’s 190 million inhabitants make it the most populous nation in west Africa, it’s a model not only in west africa but throughout the continent. It’s too important for its fate to be left to roll of dice.
The international community planted the seeds of contemporary Nigerian and African strife by arbitrarily carving up the continent in favor of colonial powers at the 1884-85 Berlin conference. The United Nations is saddled with a moral obligation to help remedy the dyspopias spawned by many of its key members, while suffering, persecution of Burma’s muslim Rohingya have captured headline and attention of U. N high commissioner on Human Rights. Zeid Raad al Hussein, Nigeria’s far worse oppression of Biafrans has been largly ignored. It’s difficult to resist the conclusion that international human rights community squints when blacks kill blacks.

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