The covenant of Elohim and Jesmion instantly completed; on the 18th January 2020; on the sabbath day; in the Temple.
Elohim the king sees i Jesmion appeared in the Temple through the door of the Temple, and it moved out of its kingship seat and spoke to i Jesmion said, sit on my seat!
I Jesmion look at Elohim the king and its numerous angels, and the seat; the seat is good, i Jesmion hath not seen the type of seat ever since!
I Jesmion spoke to the king said, please sit on the throne and i will sit by you, and the king agreed with i Jesmion and sit on its seat and i Jesmion sit by the king in the altar of the Temple.
How would you rate . God and i Jesmion:
(1) Does Jesmion disobeyed God for not sitting on the seat of God as God hath commanded him, yes or no?
(2) Does God agree with Jesmion and do what Jesmion said, yes or no?
(3) Does Jesmion respect and honour God as son honour and respect his father and told God to sit on its throne, yes or no?
(4) How would you imagine that God would feel about Jesmion (a) completely accepted Jesmion? (b) The king feels comfortable with Jesmion? (c) the king completely agree with Jesmion? (d) both?

Jesmion as you are sitting on the chair by the right side throne of the King, where would Yashua (Jesus) has to be sitted? … Ans: Yashua has been granted to sit on his own but it’s Elohim the king which would suggest any who will sit by his right or left!
A woman came pleading to i Jesmion in spirit said, please, cure me! But i Jesmion said to her, iam not a medical to cure you but if you can wait till hour of prayer during when iam conducting prayer? The woman agree to wait,
How would you rate the woman,
(1) She need free cure, True or False?
(2) She is a patience woman, True or False?
(3) The hospitals and clinics charges too much and therefore she can’t pay them such huge money, True or False?
(4) She just like Elohim to cure her by Jesmion and not because of hospital or clinics charges, True or False?

Jesmion, we hear you say Jesus son of David have mercy on me, during when you were spiritually clothed on pure white garment array on 23rd Jan. 2020 as a new covenant priest of Elohim; and large photo of you was taken, and why did you say it:
(1) why is it Jesus son of David have mercy on me?.. Ans: i said, Jesus the son of David have mercy on me, because Jesus is an English language translation of Hebrew; because, Jesus is the lineage of David the king of Israel; because Jesus is a son of David according to flesh and a son of God according spirit!
(2) why not Yashua son of David have mercy on me? Ans: because, it’s not a Hebrew writing or vernacular!
(3) why not Emmanuel son of David have mercy on me? Ans: because, it’s not a prophecy!
(4) why not Rabbi son of David have mercy on me? Ans: because, it’s not yet for Hebrew title!
Truly, Jesmion, the true angels of God and true prophets of God are using your name ‘Jesmion’ to praise God and to thank God in the holy places of God!… That’s truthful!