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Jesmion said, enough is enough to those that tricks Elohim!
You will no longer continue trick Elohim.
Jesmion got it hot against serpents that tricks God.
Jesmion prayed against them that rush and worshiping Elohim by using worshiping to tricks God, whilst they are the serpents and vipers.
Jesmion fought them; because, they have overtimes tricked God/over a long time!, and enough is enough!
Worshiping of God need repentance and amendment of wrongs done; you can’t be satan to worship God!
Jesmion prayed against them and expelled them from the presence of God., they worships God in pretence and in the other round argue with God over a truth of God, they worship God, but they don’t believe the truth of God, they trick God into punishing the righteous, and still yet God’s word is truthful, and what is the value of punishing the righteous? ….


By Biafra News Feed

Welcome to (BNF) - Biafra News Feed, its all about you and i with global awareness.

Biafra news feed welcomes every person's opinions and ideas, sometime story of event and current information, everyperson has right to edit a resourceful happening or a story of an event

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